Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?


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Ian Hunter

Sabotaging since 2 Feb 2013

Ian Hunter spent the late 80’s and early 90s’ as a member of various dirty rock n roll bands; recording a few albums, almost permanently on the road, and playing up to 180 shows a year. When he was not sat on an amp in the back of a transit van, he worked at Slaughterhouse Studios, in Driffield, near York, and had the dubious experience of seeing legendary producer, Martin Hannett, smashed on brandy, and pointing a loaded revolver at The Happy Mondays and Factory Records boss, Tony Wilson. The incident was later adapted in the film, 24 Hour Party People. In 1994 he moved to Camden Town, London, just as Brit pop was about to make NW1 the centre of he musical universe for a few brief years. Once he party was over and the casualties had been swept up from the high street, he hung up any lingering aspirations as a performer and went to work for several record companies. In 2004 he relocated to Stockholm, Sweden, and set up a management company; signing several acts to major labels across Europe, as well as looking after their tour management and video production. Between 2006 and 2008, Ian did over 200 shows in 10 counties, working with the likes of The Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys, The Enemy, and The Hives. He returned to the UK in 2009. January 2013 has seen the release of his first novel, Career Opportunities (the ones that never knock) and he is currently working on the sequel, entitled Pseudonyms, as well as the film project of Career Opportunities, with director Jonny Phipps Bennett. He lives in London Sur le Mer, more commonly known as Brighton..

My Articles

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Robin Lee: Regrets. An Alternative Valentines

An exhibition as emotionally shocking as it is thought provoking.

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Yes, what Vettel did last Sunday was a little naughty, but Mark Webber should accept that he was simply beaten by the better driver…

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The Day I Flicked Dog Muck At General Pinochet

How a drunken weekend in Surrey lead to an excrement-flinging battle against one of the world’s most notorious dictators

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The Day Joe Strummer Hijacked My Phone Call

I first met Joe Strummer when I was broke and using the payphone of the Pearson Park Hotel blagging my missus for the cash to see him play…

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What Really Happened When Martin Hannett Tried To Shoot Tony Wilson

Working as a dogsbody at Slaughterhouse Studios in the 80s, I spent an illuminating period around the Mondays, Hannett and Wilson as they recorded Bummed. It was insane…

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Faith No More’s Big Jim Martin And The £1500 Curry

Riding the crest of a wave after second album, The Real Thing, became a monster, FNM pitched up in England and made a tour manager lose his marbles…

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How Father Ted & Napoleon Finished Off The Pope

With the Pope quitting his job yesterday, we look at how it may be a case of Father Ted finishing off what Napoleon started way back in 1796…

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In Bed With Ben E. King

How a stoned rehearsal session turned into a beer and Thunderbird laced all-nighter in a London railway arch with the soul legend…