Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?


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James Gates

Sabotaging since 4 Apr 2013

James Gates lives in London, England. He thinks too much, writes too little, plays in a band and has a crippling addiction to Yorkshire Gold. Expose yourself to further lunacy on Twitter.

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Daniel Kitson Is Operating In A League Of His Own

The maverick British comedian remains as unconventional, accessible and vital as ever, as his show at The Battersea Arts Centre showed.

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Akira At 25: A Love Letter To The Manga Masterpiece

Katsuhiro Otomo’s 1988 animated masterpiece has been re-released into cinemas to celebrate its 25th anniversary. I saw it on its original UK theatrical run in 1991 on a trip to the cinema that blew my mind.

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Fashion & Style

Renee Ruin: Australia’s Queen Of The Night Interviewed

The renowned culture blogger talks grunge, tattooed ladies and Courtney Love.

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Awkward Nudes: The Photography Of Katie West

By day a teacher in Canada, by night a ground-breaking photographer who has been feted by Warren Ellis…

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Relish: The Graphic Novel For Foodies

The New York-based cartoonist Lucy Knisley latest work is a joyous ode to one of the great pleasures of the flesh.

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Rob Delaney: Hilarious On Twitter, But Is He Any Good Live?

When consigned to 140 characters, the comedian’s dry humour works wonders, but how will he act when thrust under the spotlight in front of a live audience?

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Men’s Rights Activism: You’re Not The Ones Oppressed, So Get Over It

Women have faced sexism for years, and campaigned valiantly against it. Now men are complaining they’re discriminated against? I’m not having it.

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Video Games

Bioshock Infinite: Lavish, Spectacular, Brilliant

Compelling characters, great storytelling and a razor-sharp subtext are top priority in a title that will restore your faith in video games.

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Food and Drink

Cooking With Dog: Your Next Favourite TV Show

A nice Japanese lady, idiot-proof instructions and man’s best friend are the winning ingredients for one of the best things on YouTube.