Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?


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Jeff Campagna

Sabotaging since 8 Aug 2011

Jeff is a Canadian screenwriter, film and music video director and author from Toronto, Canada. His film credits include "Six Reasons Why", "Boy Toy", "Shark City", "A Concerto In The Dark" and more. He writes the award winning blog "A Writer Under The Influence" which has now been turned into two paperback anthologies. He is the co-founder of 'The Mississauga Independent Film Festival' as well as 'Zouch Magazine & Miscellany'. He now lives in Panama where he is working on his first novel. He has not been clean shaven in over eight years..

My Articles

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Tangier’s ‘Les Fils du Détroit’: The Coolest Jam Session on Earth

Two entirely different ways of life are crashing into each other in Morocco’s former international city. Sometimes the crash is beautiful.

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I Discovered Utopia With Panama’s Emberá Quera Tribe

Feeling like an outsider on an alien planet, the trip to Panama opened my eyes to simplicity of the Emberá Quera Tribe and how they go about their lives in a unique kind of way.

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Cohen, Joplin & The Legend of the Chelsea Hotel

With the new cover from Lana Del Ray sweeping the internet; the magic, the folklore and the locker-room whispers surrounding Leonard Cohen’s original “Chelsea Hotel #2″ should not be forgotten.

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Inside The Hemingway Papers

Canadian paper The Toronto Star have released an exclusive edition titled ‘The Hemingway Papers’ inside is more than 70 original Hemingway articles as they appeared in the Star over ninety years ago – here is a sneak peek…

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Falling Back In Love With Football In Beer-Drenched Panama City

I played football as a kid. Since then, I have ignored the game. But a semi-final match in the fanatic city of Panama is just what I needed to remember what I had loved about the game when I was young.