Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?


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Jon Gracey

Sabotaging since 10 Oct 2012

Jon Gracey is a freelance writer who moonlights as a writer/perfomer in acclaimed sketch comedy troupe The Beta Males ( In between PR commissions, he writes feverishly about videogames for various sites, as well as his weekly games blog (, but has a love for music, theatre, film and TV that borders on the irrational. He is studying for an MA in stage and screenwriting, and as such is killer-employable. He's also written a videogame, but he can't talk about it. Yet. He occasionally tweets largely self-promotional material using @JonGracey. You will never beat him at Mario Kart..

My Articles

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Video Games

10 Retro Games That Should be Remade Immediately

The recent remake of XCOM: Enemy Unknown has shown us that we gamers are suckers for a bit of nostalgia. Game developers, give these titles an update and we’ll buy them in droves…

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Video Games

The 5 Greatest Video Game Super Villains

From SHODAN to Guybrush Threepwood, these are the very best video game super villains to grace our consoles and PCs…

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Video Games

Hotline Miami: Like Grand Theft Auto For Serial Killers

Hotline Miami is best described as the McDonalds Big Mac of videos games. It’s bad for you, is full of nastiness but it looks beautiful and is so easy to digest with absolute happiness that you can’t say no…

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Video Games

Far Cry 3 Review: Machine Guns in Paradise

Far Cry 3 has gained a lot of attention recently for incorporating tropical islands, wild beasts and IED bombs that butcher your enemies limbs. Here’s why it’s so good…

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Films That Rocked My World: Wreck-It Ralph

Definitely NOT a spoiler for the new film “Wreck-It Ralph” – more like a comprehensive exploration of what it takes to make a good movie adaptation of a video game.

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