Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?


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Larry Day

Sabotaging since 3 Mar 2013

Larry graduated from university in 2012 with a degree in Creative Writing, and will hopefully make use of that one day. He is currently writing for a selection of websites, including The Line Of Best Fit and The 405 as a music journalist, writing regular reviews, columns and feature interviews. He is also the New Music Editor for Bearded Magazine. His favourite bands at the moment are Rodrigo Y Gabriela, Brooke Candy and Daughter, but will listen to pretty much anything, except Muse. You can catch him on Twitter via @Lazarusbadger if you feel like reading intermittent musings..

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Iggy Azalea: The Australian Rap Star Breaking America

Who would have thought a white chick from Australia would become one of America’s hottest rising hip hop stars. Here’s everything you should know, from the ASAP Rocky fling and the Azealia Banks beef to modelling and “DAT ASS” everyone’s salivating over…

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Bloc Party’s 5 Best Album Tracks

With the future of Kele and co shrouded in mystery, we have decided to indulge ourselves with 5 of their best efforts.

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Too Much Music is Polluting The Airwaves

The problem with music now is all it takes for someone to make an track is a Soundcloud account and Garage Band on their Mac. Quality is spread too thin, drowned by the oceans of the hackneyed.