Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?


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Mark Brophy

Sabotaging since 4 Apr 2011

Mark writes (and sometimes rants) about football, politics and culture. But mainly football. He's worked in factories, shipyards, building sites, shops and a nuclear power station but much prefers sitting in front of the telly with a laptop on his knee. Available for commission. Can be paid in biscuits..

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The Greatest Goal I Ever Saw: Newcastle United’s Peter Beardsley v Sheffield Wednesday 1995

Peter Beardsley may have been smacked hard by every branch of the ugly tree but he was a bona fide genius. One goal was so sublime it reduced a commentator to disbelief.

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My Homebrew Nightmare

I’d always thought making one’s own booze was the preserve of the bearded and lonely. Until, that is, I got engaged and needed to save some dosh…

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The Complete and Utter Ridiculousness of Die Hard

We all love a bit of action when it comes to films like Die Hard, but the latest offering from John McClane is just too ridiculous to measure…

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Harry Redknapp Is Not A Coach And Should Never Be England Manager

He’s the front-runner, and he’s got certain characteristics which make him a perfect fit for the hardest job in football, but has Honest ‘Arry really got what it takes to lead England to glory? Or should he be staying put at Tottenham Hotspur?

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Jose Enrique: A Newcastle Fan Dissects Liverpool’s Flawed Left-Back

Kenny Dalglish has finally got his man in Spanish former Newcastle left-back Jose Enrique after a cat-and-mouse transfer saga which seems to have been going on since before the dawn of time. But what can Liverpool fans expect from their new signing?

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Newcastle United Fans Were Right To Boo Michael Owen

The injury-prone striker tweeted his anger after being booed by the Newcastle United fans in the 0-0 with Man United. But, when you only care about getting fit for England, do you really have a leg to stand on?