Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?


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Michael Taylor

Sabotaging since 2 Feb 2013

Michael Taylor used to write about sport, music, fashion, design and culture - but that was in Australia in 1989. He came home and became a moderately successful business journalist. In 2012 he gave up Blackburn Rovers, alcohol, carbs and a job. He's now started his own events company and dabbles in business and politics. He lives in a village called Marple - sort of where Manchester meets the Peaks - and is married with five kids. This is his attempt to make up for lost time..

My Articles

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The Englishman Who Transformed Benfica: My Granddad’s Mate Ted Smith

Ex-Milwall full-back, pub-landlord and a footballing trailblazer who built the foundations for Benfica to topple Real Madrid…

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Blackburn Rovers: The Sacking Of Michael Appleton Is An Absolute Joke

With the ridiculous sacking of Michael Appleton fresh in their minds, it’s time the FA looked into whether Venky’s are ‘fit and proper’ owners of the club I love…

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I Am Kloot: The Thinking Man’s Elbow Who Sing About Drinking And Disaster

2013 looks set to be the breakthrough year for the Manchester band who are finally attaining the recognition they deserve.

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Blackburn: Stop Hating Murphy, He’s The Man That’ll Make A Difference

He may not be liked by Blackburn fans, but Danny Murphy is the player to drag us out of this mess and secure the FA Cup win over Millwall.

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My Son, The Glory Hunter

When my eight year old declared his love for Manchester City instead of my team Blackburn, I mourned the loss of something special.

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Fashion & Style

Northern Monkeys: Tracing The Evolution of Northern Working Class Fashion

William Routledge’s new book chronicles the development of Northern working class fashion, centring around football and music but so much more besides…

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Why I Refuse To Give Blackburn Rovers A Penny While Venky’s Are In Charge

What the Venky’s are doing is as poor a job at running down an institution as football has ever seen. Piece by piece, person by person they are destroying everything we love about the club. We need to start pursuing a supporter ownership model and fast.