Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?


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Sophie Thomsett

Sabotaging since 7 Jul 2012

Sophie is music editor of Leeds Student and a freelancer all over the place. She recently survived a year teaching English to grumpy teenagers in one of the dodgiest parts of France and is now back in the UK spending her time between the run down Cornish seaside town she calls home and the grubby student heaven that is Leeds. She likes hula hooping, Radio 4, Swizzels Matlow sweets, feminism, guinea pigs and people who look like guinea pigs. You can email her at

My Articles

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7 Unusual Rock ‘n’ Roll Deaths

From an allergic reaction to weed killer, a crushing by a giant hay bale to choking on a cocktail cherry… just because you’re a rockstar doesn’t mean you’ll die a rock ‘n’ roll death…

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The Hidden Side Of Cornwall: Terrorists, Poverty & Darkie Day

From ‘Darkie Day’ to the Cornish Liberation Army and the problem with Emmets – why Cornwall’s not the tranquil dream it’s imagined to be…

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Women’s Magazines Treat Us Like Vacuous Bints

Lads mags might have gone beyond the pale but at least they are honest about their intentions. Women’s mags, however, are a completely different kettle of shit…

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Pop Is Eating Itself. Why Are We Paying To Consume What It Spits Back Out?

The music industry’s obsession with its own history is getting ridiculous. Reunion tours, halls of fame, dead people on the cover of new music magazines and hologram gigs – when will it stop?