Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?


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Tim Bradley

Sabotaging since 9 Sep 2011

Tim Bradley is a former call-centre worker and school pupil who has come on leaps and bounds in life to the point where he can now do typing on computers and everything. He writes for men's and women's magazines and he once won seven pounds on a lottery scratchcard. He likes Double Deckers, football, walks in the park, and would make a great pet for anyone who can find it in their hearts to have him. You can follow his twitter if you go to @timbradley7.

My Articles

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How To Talk Like People On The Internet, Part 2

Use these phrases if you want to get all of the respect on the internet, because Twitter.

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How To Talk Like People On The Internet

YOLO, Like A Boss and ‘what the actual fuck’ don’t make you cool – you just come across as a t**t. The internet is full of cretinous, thundering morons; here’s how to fit in with them.

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Photographs Only Girls Take

From friends having a wazz to the obligatory legs up limo shot, these images are exclusive to the female of the species…

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More Photographs Only Girls Take

Whether it’s driving dangerously, dressing up their dogs or proving that yes, they do have feet, women love a generic picture…

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Football & Twitter Transfer Rumours: Is Anyone Really ‘In The Know’?

In between football seasons, fans desperate for news on their clubs are turning more and more to bogus Twitter accounts of agents or club personnel claiming to be ‘In The Know’. Despite claiming to hold information on hot transfers, here’s why you should avoid them at all costs…

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Send In The Tigers: Killing Celebrities For Entertainment

Z-list celebs are becoming complacent. They’re starting to take their baffling fame for granted. We should make them suffer for their ‘art’. We should make them singe for their supper.