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Literal Movie Posters: What's Really Going On

From Superglue Accident to Leg Stuck in a Car, this collection of literal film posters are bang on...

The recent news that a woman has decided to sue Hollywood studios due to the fact the she considers the trailer to Drive misleading has been met by bemusement by most people who are, well, sane. False advertising has been a staple in Hollywood since time immemorial and the majority of people are well aware that trailers contain either all the best bits of the film or are edited together in such a way as to make it look a lot better than it actually is.

Just what would the movie business do if it all its advertising was forced to be honest? The comedy forum Cookd and Bombd have already glimpsed into that terrible future and created some Literal Movie Posters which really do what they say on the tin. So just take a look at what would happen if the posters really said what they showed.

All credit to the Verbwhores who contributed to the original thread on Cook and Bombd and especially to Phil Alderton, Big Jack McBastard, Ryan Harris, hayrdryah, jutl, Nagsworth Gortherington, Neil, Serge, Subtle Mocking, The Boston Crab, trench.

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'End To End' Benton 4:41 pm, 11-Nov-2011


C Forehead 4:53 pm, 11-Nov-2011

Am I missing something, or are these just really not funny? They should've remained as part of what might have been a mildly amusing forum thread - certainly not worthy of republishing. Huge grammar error in the title line too.

Rag 7:16 pm, 11-Nov-2011

in all fairness, bring on the wall made me do a little wee

TC Raymond 7:16 pm, 13-Nov-2011

Please allow me to mention The Goodies.

Issa 1:43 pm, 16-Nov-2011


andy southgate 11:46 pm, 21-Nov-2011

Brilliant. Love "Five Tilted Spivs" and the best one is easily "I Loved Those Trees". C Forehead?! I don't get you, unless of course you are joking, but then I can't tell.

C Forehead 6:15 pm, 27-Nov-2011

Nothing to get... I just don't find these funny in any way. Probably just me, as others don't seem to feel the same!

Simon Martin 5:13 pm, 5-Mar-2012

Ban Chirchill's Ghost made me laugh. C Forehead, just do one you boring twat.

Simon Martin 5:13 pm, 5-Mar-2012

Churchill even.

C Forehead 3:50 pm, 9-Mar-2012

Nice one Simon Martin. You're clearly not a cunt. I applaud you.

Adam 9:11 pm, 28-Apr-2012

Brilliant! For a video from the same universe of films that should have been, check this out if you want to giggle.

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