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How To Dress Like Your Sporting Heroes: Borg, Beckenbauer, Ballesteros and Ali

by Daniel Sandison
10 April 2013 1 Comment

Mimicking sportsmen's dress sense is dangerous territory, learn from the masters and avoid strolling into the pub looking like Dwight Yorke or David Beckham in the '90s....

Sportsmen are not known for being sartorially adept. You only need to cast your eye over Gillette Soccer Saturday or a Question of Sport to witness the variety of fashion atrocities that some of our childhood heroes have been responsible for. That’s fine though, they’re not there to have their lapels admired, nor to be complimented on the tightness of their trousers, they’re there to win the points, score the goals and throw the punches that we love so much.

However, this state of affairs does make it all seem a little bit sweeter when you see a sportsman making an effort, seeing one of your heroes dressing the part is a rare pleasure and it’s all too tempting to mimic them. This isn’t as simple as popping down to JJB sports and shipping £50 on your teams latest replica shirt, or researching where Wayne Rooney got his weave done though, it’s a balancing act on a tightrope between stylish bravado and looking like an overeager Sunday League dad.

With the aid of sport’s coolest heroes, and the savvy business model of the ‘reissue’ and the ‘heritage brand’, you too can not look that ridiculous whilst living out a childhood fantasy…

Björn Borg

Undoubtedly the coolest tennis player of his generation, Borg oozed class. His suave, ruthless demeanour was coupled with a flawless wardrobe of courtwear and a mop of golden hair. You might be getting on a bit, and a headband might be a little bit much for Sunday afternoons in the pub, but those lovely chaps at Fila have been re-issuing some of the Swede’s finest outfits through their ‘Vintage’ label for some years now.

If you’re not content with a tight pair of shorts and a tracksuit top though, Diadora have  jumped on the bandwagon and re-released some of the Borg signature trainers, which he endorsed at the height of his career. Try not to get too carried away though, you might be able to purchase his clobber, but nobody looks as cool as Björn in full courtwear… Yeah, that means you Danny Dyer.

‘Fila Vintage’ at Stuarts of London

Diadora Heritage at Stuarts of London

Franz Beckenbauer

The New York Cosmos are the coolest football team to ever grace planet Earth, and this was, in no small part, thanks to The Kaiser signing for them in 1977. Along with Pelé and a few exhibition appearances from Johann Cruyff, Beckenbauer provided The Cosmos with a class and a style befitting of such a wonderfully talented player.

The Cosmos’ recent relaunch, and commercial rejuvenation has provided Umbro with the opportunity to re release some of the club’s classic shirts and training garments. A lot of them are bright green, and must be approached with extreme caution, but if you think you have the swagger of Beckenbauer, they’re well worth having a look at.

New York Cosmos by Umbro at Ran

Muhammad Ali

For most of your life it would be advisable not to copy anything that Muhammad Ali has done. It can, and will get you into a great deal of trouble and if you reach 30 with a full set of teeth you have been remarkably lucky. A lot of the time it’s also a good rule of thumb not to attempt to copy Ali’s sartorial style, boxing boots and white trunks are a great look when you’re heavyweight champion of the world, but anything short of that can leave  you looking awful silly.

However, what harm could come from hanging around in your living room on your days off, watching Jeremy Kyle, floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee in a Muhammad Ali bathrobe? No harm… unless you count your girlfriend leaving you as ‘harm.’

Muhammad Ali Robe at WornFree

Seve Ballesteros

Dressing for golf is a dangerous game. Many respectable brands have been lost to the lurid, patchwork world of dressing for an afternoon on the fairway.To make sure you don’t become the laughing stock of the clubhouse copy one man, and one man alone.

The late, great Seve Ballesteros’ wild brilliance on the course was matched only in excellence by his wardrobe, proof that to be a hero of the game you didn’t need plus fours and a daft hat. A smart, simple Slazenger  would do nicely, let your golf make the statement.

Birkdale Jumper at Slazenger Heritage

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Talking Italian 9:22 pm, 12-Apr-2013

You had me hooked with sight of the Fila BJ. Popped up to the Smoke over Easter. Harrods new urban sports dept had new Borg line T shirts. Woodhouse has new Johan Cruyff trainer line in stock.

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