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Leeds Fans: Check Out These MOT T-Shirts

by James Brown
21 July 2013 12 Comments

You Leeds United fans need a new T-shirt for the new season. We've got just the one for you.



With a new manager, new owners and more importantly some new up and coming players Leeds United fans have more than a few reasons to believe this new season might be the one to finally see them challenging for promotion. All the more reason to go into the new season with a new T-shirt.



So when Liverpool shop Hat, Scarf and Badge tweeted us and asked us to RT their LFC T-shirt in the above design the Leeds fans amongst us pointed out that given the colour code of the trainers they’d surely missed out the ‘U’ from their logo. A hasty re-design later and we’re now happy to recommend them to you. Note, the sizes are quite big.



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Ron 11:26 am, 20-Jul-2013


Ken Taylor 1:08 pm, 20-Jul-2013

Like to buy one but the link doesn't work only takes you to paypal

Owen Blackhurst 2:37 pm, 20-Jul-2013

We're trying to fix that link, apologies

JONTY 7:49 pm, 20-Jul-2013

I've got a big fat gut & look 24 months pregnant so I guess my question is how big is 'quite big' ? Also, I have a very big slap head so how wide is the neck aperture?

steve mayo 4:21 pm, 21-Jul-2013

All very nice, but not much use if only goes up to xl. What about us fat

ow much 5:19 pm, 21-Jul-2013

How much? What a rip off. Twice price of official merchandise and twice as shabby. What Prat designed that @Robofleeds

JONTY 10:31 pm, 21-Jul-2013

Nob - why are you so negative all of the time?

Denise 12:16 am, 22-Jul-2013

Rubbish design

leeds casual 10:16 am, 24-Jul-2013

brilliant,classic adidas in leeds famous colours,just ordered marching on together

Jimbo 1:54 pm, 27-Jul-2013

How long does delivery take in UK?

Guy 1:13 pm, 31-Jul-2013

Nice shirts, available for other clubs?

James Brown 3:18 pm, 18-Feb-2014

JImbo would be with you a damn site quicker than this reply, just a couple of days. Guy the designer at Hat, Scarf and Badge has Liverpool too.

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