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Style Thief: Rocky Balboa

by Jordan Waller
4 April 2013 2 Comments

Sly wasn’t just the king of the ring these classic films, he was also lurking in the shadows as a surprising fashion icon.

The Rocky franchise is arguably one of the most important celluloid rites of passage ever made. The tale of the underdog overcoming adversary to make it to the top. Proof however fictionalised the tale that, practise, drive and commitment akin to tunnel vision is the key to success. One thing that isn’t mentioned as often though is how slap-your-thigh cool Sly looks throughout the early movies.

Rocky owns the casual street connoisseur look every bit as much as he does the leather that binds his gloves. Indeed, you only need to pace the ‘fashionable’ streets of east London to notice just a little bit or Rockyisms sneaking into the looks of them there hipster youths. From neatly rolled beanies hats to leather jackets/hoodie combos and iconic faded grey sweat suits it’s all out there for the discerning eye to feast upon.

Get your own underdog gymster (or Ginster depending on gut…) street hustler look with some of my comfy staples picks.


Beanie, Topman. £8.00

Shore Leave Blue Moulinex Slub Crew Sweater, Urban Outiftters. £45.00

Uniqlo Sweat Pants. £29.90

Converse Duffel Bag. £30.00


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Doesn't matter 10:17 pm, 12-Sep-2012

The first film was Iconic, the rest were shit. Entertaining shit for the main part but shit never the less.

Trev 11:17 pm, 6-Apr-2013

Just seems like a lazy article. Could have pointed out any film which had a beanie wearing main character.

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