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The Barbour Bargain Hunter

by Bryn Law
2 April 2012 37 Comments

Discounted designer store outlets hold genuine fashion bargains. Our man charts their proximity to the football grounds of the North of England.

Barbour International Jacket shot

The Barbour pappa

I have a pal who’s a cameraman. He’s spent years travelling round the North, filming stuff at football grounds. No matter where you’re heading, he’ll be able to recommend a good chippy in the vicinity. Off to do something at Grimbsy Town? “Don’t go to the one near the ground, it’s gone off. Head further into Cleethorpes.”, he’ll suggest, “Go to Steel’s. Tell you what, I’ll give them a ring and book you a table…”.

My radar’s different. I do clothes. For me, every trip to a training ground or stadium’s a shopping opportunity. So for me, being sent to Scunthorpe means an early arrival and a quick scoot around the TK Maxx on the retail park opposite Glanford Park. If I’m talking to Brian Laws at Burnley, I’ll eschew the motorway and drive over the top, via Colne, which is, as any self-respecting baragin hunter will know, home to the Boundary Mills store. Recent visits have turned up Aquascutum shirts for a tenner and Timberland macs for £20.

It’s always the labels for less I’m after. My formative football watching years coincided with the emergence of the casually-clad young chap, 25 years on, I’m still sporting the ‘look’. The only difference now is that two kids and a mortgage mean I’ve got less disposable income than I had when I was saving up my dinner money to be able to go and buy the next Pringle crew neck.
My lunchtimes still suffer. After a run back to Wrexham, on my way to the office in Wilmslow, I’ll call in at Cheshire Oaks-bagful of Clerk&Teller gear there for a song last visit. The long trek back from the KC Stadium can be broken up by taking the A19 and dropping in at the York Designer Outlet.

And so to my greatest triumph.. a 9am interview with Roy Keane at Sunderland’s training ground meant I was outside the Barbour factory shop in Jarrow before they’d even opened the doors. It was my first ever visit. As I flicked through the racks of reduced quilted coats in the famous back room, a new rail was wheeled in, black ‘International’ jackets swinging as the assistant manouvred it into position, “Eee, they’re all £29.95 pet..”, she told another customer. I was in like a flash. Bit of white dust on the shoulder, otherwise perfect. I could have cried with joy.

And the one that got away, a black Belstaff jacket for £60 in a short-lived designer outlet near to Oldham’s Boundary Park. I bottled it. That one still hurts…

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JohnP 1:51 pm, 21-Jun-2010

A man after my own heart. Always on the lookout for a well priced bargain. Got a Belstaff Black Prince made from Belfresh (their own breathable material) in TK Maxx Salford for the princely sum of £49. Recently a Denim Demon work shirt for £15 a mere 10% of it's retail price and a top quality R Newbold wax jacket in the style of a Barbour Bedale for £60 at Oi Polloi's clearance/moving sale .

John Forbes 12:21 pm, 2-Jul-2010

Why do all these old casuals have no dress sense? A jacket with a massive Barbour logo plastered over the front of it, something a 12 year old would ponce around it. Remember we're laughing at you not with you.

Kieran McGhee 4:38 pm, 19-Jul-2010

When I lived in the mean streets of Newcastle in the eighties, Barbour and Berghaus were the chosen uniform of the radges (young criminal/cunt). It was years before I could look at both these North East labels with anything approaching balance.

Jessica 12:44 am, 3-Dec-2010

@ John Forbes: If you spend your time laughing at people in Barbour Jackets then you should really rethink how you use your time. I would also like to meet this '12 year old' who can afford a Barbour Jacket, I know child benefit is good, but surely not this good?

gareth 9:54 pm, 3-Dec-2010

@ John Forbes: you're hard.

City Bob 11:01 pm, 4-Dec-2010

Can yer run Bryn? Don't be buying anything too nice and expensive, or I'll be 'taxing' yer! All self-respecting 80's 'casuals' grew out of this years ago! Hooligan wannabe!

Gaz 6:19 pm, 5-Dec-2010

@ those who write and slag the article and writer off. why would you feel the need to do this?? if you don't like the mag don't bloody read it. and bloody hell bob where does it say anywhere he is or would even want to be a hooligan???? grow up, you stuck in the 80s casual scene childish individuals. its not all about hooliganism, its called fashion my dear friends. ;-)

Rutter 9:27 pm, 5-Dec-2010

@ City Bob....'self respecting 80's casual'? Tea pot!

Rutter 9:29 pm, 5-Dec-2010

@City Bob, try being an individual pal. People wear what looks good, you either know how to dress or you don't. 'self respecting 80's casual' Cwank!

City Bob 2:35 am, 6-Dec-2010

I am an individual Mr Rutter. That is why I don't wear the same style and type of clothes as I did when I was a silly teenager. If you don't think that dressing like this is indelibly linked with Football Hooliganism, then you sir, are a Tea Pot. [whatever that means]

City Bob 2:43 am, 6-Dec-2010

@Gaz. Logically speaking, how would I know whether I liked an article before I actually read it? Seem like some of you have had a sense of humour bypass too! I mean, it's hardly important is it? 'Football reporter tells us where he buys cheap designer clothes' I hardly think it's going to be a shoe in for a Pulitzer Prize anytime soon. I actually thought it was quite a good read. Shame my sense of humour isn't discernible in print!

fieryjack 10:09 pm, 12-Dec-2010

calm down girls, its only a windcheater!

King of the Slums 7:49 am, 14-Dec-2010

Not bad, but the real money's on the donkey-jacket this season..

Cullercoats 3:36 pm, 24-Dec-2010

I sat opposite a couple on the Metro a few weeks ago who were sporting matching Internationals. A small bit of sick came into my mouth and I had a sudden urge to attack them with a heavy duty staple gun. Sadly, I'm all talk and no action and she looked hard as nails (it was going via Walkergate and Wallsend) so I just went home and donated my half dozen Barbours to Scope whilst en route to Dixie Chicken. Talk about flogging a dead horse. Good article mind. I bet your mate cant recommend anything of note within a two miles radius of Vale Park.

OLIVER O'DRISCOLL 8:57 pm, 25-Dec-2010

@cullercoats Ha ha! A load of football blokes arguing over clothes? Put the handbags away 'chaps'.

H 11:51 am, 8-Jan-2011

Picked up loads in tkmaxx. Adidas dublins in 05, 95 stan smiths both for 19.99, pink oki ni adidas grandslams. A few years back tkmaxx got flooded with cp deadstock. I picked up a cp relax jacket and another 1 too. Which I have since shrunk. Also got a bonneville cagoule, which dint fit but can't bear to part with. Think tkmaxx has died now, too many shops has spread the wealth to thin IMO

ADV 4:48 pm, 10-Mar-2011

good read

Paul Kerr 9:42 pm, 10-Mar-2011

where is this shop?!

Drury 5:32 am, 11-Mar-2011

Never pay retail.

jugoya 8:33 am, 29-Mar-2011

Got to say I'm hating the Barbour quilted jacket every knob in London is currently sporting. They look like something you stole off your grandma's bed. Hunting grouse, deer stalking? Then maybe but in central London you just look like a 'Hugo' (Chavez) which is funny cos when they speak, you realise that they are. Classic wax jacket maybe but then, they do have that weird musty smell.

The Baron 2:42 pm, 28-Aug-2011

Shit's fruity.

scotty 11:47 am, 30-Aug-2011

Put enough wax on the yellow sticker and it almost turns black. Mine's 10 years old and I'm just hoping people will move on soon so I can get it out again. In the meantime I've got the Beaufort and (shhhh) Aigle.

Kenny 12:47 pm, 31-Aug-2011

oops just bought myself a pair of maroon and white gazelles fantastic cmon the Hearts

Stick 4:52 pm, 31-Aug-2011

I bought my Barbour three years ago and now every fucker has one. I'm looking for the next jacket but I just cant find one I like as much.

scotty 6:36 pm, 1-Sep-2011

Stick with it, Stick. People were saying the same thing in 1985, quality + style + comfort lasts forever.

Stick 2:44 pm, 2-Sep-2011

Aye scotty cheers mate!

Andy Southgate 11:02 pm, 4-Sep-2011

@City Bob - sorry to be a pedant - it's "shoo in", not "shoe in". Also, Barbour do some nice stuff. Hooligans are wankers, all of them. No need to let them ruin nice jackets though.

Moppy 8:45 pm, 8-Sep-2011

I used to hate the Barbour quilted jacket, every man and his dog had one. Until I saw one for sale in a shop in Bath (Rowlands?) for £19.99. Funnily enough my intrest soon picked up.

scotty 8:56 am, 9-Sep-2011

It was better when it was only in places like Rowlands (and the more hardcore Crudgingtons) that you could get this country shit. Got my Beaufort from Crudge - always loved looking at the enormous rack of guns behind the counter and fantasising about it being where I would head if society collapsed in a zombie apocolypse.

scotty 9:03 am, 9-Sep-2011

While I'm on, never really got the Belt right on the International, it's always annoyed me. I've sort of tied it round the back now like the Italians do, but it ruins the cut. Also,never be tempted to get the furry bodywarmer thing that you can clip inside - it's too fucking hot and very uncomfortable. You can wear it on it's own as a bodywarmer but you look like a medieval blacksmith.

Steph 3:51 pm, 3-Apr-2012

Got a Barbour Berwick at the factory shop a few years ago for £50...still a great coat!!

Benny Green 8:02 pm, 3-Apr-2012

Barbour has stood the test of time. My motto is, if something looks good and it's practical, wear it. Talking of 80s casuals, the actual '80s Casuals' clothing range is fucking cringeworthy. Mostly lads who weren't there at the time recreating a youth that they never had.

Jimothy 1:35 pm, 4-Apr-2012

Yeah, I remember TKMaxx stores getting job lots of CP/Stoney gear in - I got three or four £500 jobs for £40 each, total bargain. The Barbour outlet is funny - I remember a few year back when I used to pop in it was all muddy Land Rovers and farmer types from Hexham/Durham in there buying their practical jackets - now its full of geordie shore w@nkers buying jackets to go over the top of their LADIES branded v-neck shirts from dorothy perkins (true!)

Bunny 3:39 pm, 4-Apr-2012

Go the Rab outlet on the A38 at alfreton. Ace £250 coats at £60. Tiny room though in an industrial estate (place called Equip) with little in apart from coats.

gobby cabbage 7:13 pm, 4-Apr-2012

this article is like deja vu all over again. slow news day, lads?

Simon Martin 12:37 pm, 11-Apr-2012

There are some right muppets commenting on here. I don't see the writer telling anyone to dress a particular way. Shoot him, he likes to buy clothes. Get a grip you knobbers, it's not as if he's going on Sky dressen in a fucking deerstalker and a Tacchini top is it? There used to be a good John Smedley factory shop in Rotherham, might still be there but their knitwear is too thin fo me and wears through.

Hagi 11:51 pm, 18-Apr-2012

You're on the tele mun. You must be minted. You tight...

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