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The Most Purchased Backpack in the World

by Dan Vearnals
27 August 2011 14 Comments

Waterproof, durable and easy on the eye, the Kånken backpack, like most things to come out of Scandinavia, is the perfect mix of form and function.

Looking for a new bag? Then look no further than the classic backpack you should have already heard of - the Kånken from Scandinavian brand Fjällräven, the world’s most-sold backpack.

Originally released in 1978 and sold across the world to over three million people, the  Kånken is a  must-have day pack which doesn’t break the bank and is worn by school kids, commuters and outdoorsy folk alike.

Fjällräven’s founder Åke Nordin created this functional, affordable backpack for school kids to carry books and folders to and from school and saving them from any signs of backache in the process.

The key feature of this bag is that it has never been tinkered with in its thirty two years of production, a classic in it’s own right, I just think it looks ace.

Released in 1978 and sold across the world to over three million people, the  Kånken is a  must-have day pack

Kånken is made from an extremely durable vinylon fabric, Vinylon F, which is suited to everything from rough children’s play to tough climate conditions. Vinylon F is waterproof because it swells like natural fibres, which means it doesn’t require any further treatment and makes is unbeatable in its combination of durability and low weight. Kånken has a long zipper that opens the entire main compartment, two side pockets and a front pocket.

Available in several sizes and variations and twenty-three vivid colours, it has adjustable straps for double use and with padding so you can even safely carry a laptop.

The bag comes with detachable seat pad in EVA, a compartment for your newspaper and, always thinking about safety, the Fjällräven logo is fully reflective for those dark and dangerous jaunts down country lanes at night.

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jugoya 9:21 am, 12-Nov-2010

Well, for all its merits it is still ugly. I think the fact that i am yet to see one in the UK, except as mentioned, on the back of a school child holds testament to this. I certainly won't be buying one, even if it is a 'classic'.

wade 8:29 pm, 14-Nov-2010

I'm sure Dan and Ake Norien will be gutted.

Colin 6:34 pm, 15-Nov-2010

I ain't got 'owt to put in one.

Bb 8:25 pm, 3-Dec-2010

awesome i just found my new school/hiking bag!

Paddy 12:31 am, 21-Dec-2010

Excellent bags, just not in yellow!

tCC 11:42 am, 21-Dec-2010

Yellow is the best, you narna'.

Gavin of London 10:10 pm, 4-Jan-2011

Much rather have Eastpack. That's one ugly old bag.

CAW 9:49 pm, 18-Feb-2011

Affordable.....phh...I always love that line. How do you know if I can afford a simple $80 backpack?

Newfield Chris 8:33 pm, 24-Feb-2011

Brilliany bag, got one for Crimbo just gone. Holds a hell of a lot for a bag of it's size.

ERICTHEKING 1:09 am, 24-Jun-2011

I bought a yellow one a while ago and it brilliant. I got the larger version of the basic model and the inside pocket caters very well for my macbookpro.

The Baron 5:07 pm, 31-Aug-2011

23 vivid colours and you picked a yellow one? Fruity.

adam 11:42 pm, 31-Aug-2011

jansport have sold more of the rightpack. fail.

Mirsche 12:56 am, 14-Sep-2011

kanken in brick, beautiful colour...

H 2:40 am, 22-Jan-2012

Using the word 'fail' in that context. Child.

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