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Vera Alicante: Trainer Style Meets Boot Comfort And Sensibility

by Sabotage
10 April 2013 5 Comments

For the those attached for their trainers but suffering from frozen toes and club entry refusal, Vera are at hand with the Alicante; smart trainers with boot sensibilities.

Neil Morris and his team at Vera Shoes have delivered us the Vera Alicante, a happy medium between trainers and boots for those attached to their Converse, Nike and Adidas but realise they need something smarter and more rugged for the colder months.

Constructed by hand in Spain with locally-sourced materials and produced by traditional craftsmen, the Alicante features a supple leather upper with a full leather lining for increased comfort. A white expanded rubber sole and leather laces complete a shoe that can look good for a drink down the pub while at the same time not looking out of place at a formal do.

Available at select retailers including Number Six LondonWeekend Offender and Pavilion Clothing, Vera Alicante come at around £100   in leather or suede in a variety of colours.  These are a real box ticker for us; an affordable smart pair of shoes that we can wear a number of way in winter that won’t leave us victim to frostbite. Winner.

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Craig 1:04 am, 8-Dec-2012

I think Bubba sums these up most succinctly.

Drew Guy 8:58 pm, 8-Dec-2012

Craig, check out via @youtube

Gareth 8:15 pm, 10-Dec-2012

I like 'em. Good luck with it. Rather Not Say ;-)

Steve Campbell 2:02 pm, 11-Dec-2012

How are these 'smart trainers'? This snippet reads like a press release you haven't even bothered to retread. They are 'shoes'. And this is an 'advert'.

Chris 7:11 pm, 11-Jan-2013

Quite smart, but not worth £100. Sale fodder.

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