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Win A Pair Of Vera x Casual Co Boots

by Sabotage
14 August 2013 76 Comments

Winter's coming and it's time to think about your footwear. Here's your chance to win a pair of these babies.


From South Wales and the North West (via Spain) comes this collaboration between Veras and The Casual Connoisseur brand. The ‘El Mono’ boot is a fresh take on the classic monkey boot of old, where the Mediterranean meets the mountains, as in comparison to more specialist boot models, this one is very lightweight, perfect for both a ramble up the Roaches or a nice Spanish stroll.

Coming in two colours, ‘Whiskey’ and ‘Marino’ suede, this nine hole boot comes with spare contrasting laces and low key duel branding. Made in limited numbers.

Produced by traditional craftsmen, it’s a perfect piece of footwear see off the summer and welcome in the autumn.


To be in with a chance of winning, tell us your 3 favourite clothing labels of the last 20 years and why in the comments box below. The best entry gets the boots.

Competition closes 23:00 Sunday and the winner notified via e-mail. 

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Nicholas Ottersbach 4:43 pm, 14-Aug-2013

1) Belstaff: The classic British coat. It provides comfort as well as oozes class and sophistication. Adequate in both urban as well as rural environments. 2)Levi's: Denim jeans are a staple for a man's wardrobe and Levi’s are the classic jeans. They are always changing the fit for modern trends. 3) Havainanas: Nothing screams Summer more than a pair of flip flops. Havaianas arguably capture the spirit of Summer as well as the carefree atmosphere of Brazil. They're new ranges offer graffiti designs inspired by Brazil's most famous artists which are pretty nifty.

Neil Findlay 4:49 pm, 14-Aug-2013

My three favourite brands would have to be dr martens for the main reason is you know exactly what you are getting and that is quality footwear that is hardwearing and built to last. I would also say fred perry. They are still producing top quality garments that suits my needs perfectly, smart and casual. Lastly for me it would be the casual connoisseur. Not only is the quality of the products second to none but you are wearing something that is limited in numbers and designs to die for. The first label in a long time too that has made me look forward in a new product being released. Cheers.

Rudi 4:50 pm, 14-Aug-2013

Cp company Adidas Norse projects

Jack 4:51 pm, 14-Aug-2013

These look brilliant! Something different to the Fracaps and diemmes. Especially like the blue with contrast laces. Class as always by the CC boys

Curtis Partoredjo 4:56 pm, 14-Aug-2013

Stone Island, C.P. Company and Ma.Strum Classic, military and timeless style with great innovative materials.

Jack 4:57 pm, 14-Aug-2013

Clarks for classic footwear with brilliant quality and a variety of brilliant styles. Garbstore purely because everything they release I want. Whether it be shirts,over shirts,jackets the lot is ace and still something you don't see the masses wearing. Finally Engineered Garments,there jackets are unrivalled in my opinion. More pockets than you need which in my eyes is always a good thing .

Alex Gidley 4:59 pm, 14-Aug-2013

6876- due to their originality. Inspired collaborations with both up and coming and established partners. Clarks Originals- continually producing original british design classics with a modern twist. Fjallraven- timeless well made outerwear.

Graeme Allcock 5:09 pm, 14-Aug-2013

1 - Aquascutum First bit of tidy clobber I got was an Aquascutum Harrington in beige about 1998 and spent my whole weeks wages on it! Got the socks too. I've still got the jacket and socks!! It's quality stuff from a time Burberry was taking over, Aquascutum was the less chavvy option, worn by old dears in London and lads on the terraces. Good all round designer clothing. 2 - Pretty Green As an Oasis fan from the start LG has always been an idol. Pretty Green is just that something a little bit different and I've bought a lot of their stuff and its all quality. I managed to get a ticket for Beady Eye at Parr Hall, Warrington a couple of years ago and there was nobody there without a PG garment on!! Seriously taken off this stuff. 3 - Casual Co Just great gear from great lads, not just about the clobber with them it's the way of life. Hours of entertainment on instagram too! Got quite a few items of theirs from Mary of Exeter polos to Peter o'Toole designed tshirts. Be an honour to win a pair of their stunnin new boots. I NEEEEED THEM!! :-)

Drew Guy 5:16 pm, 14-Aug-2013

1.6876 - Don't think it got the recognition it deserved. Around the late 90s, it was spot on 2. Mandarina Duck - Their jackets were lovely, pity they went all 'Eurotrash'. One year they were producing the best jackets around, the next year they went all white trousers and scoop necks. 3. Uniqlo - Only label I can afford these days. Lovely button down shirts for £20 though.

ArchieP 5:18 pm, 14-Aug-2013

In no particular order: 1 - Levi Strauss 501 jeans 2 - Church's Brogues 3 - Hackett tweed jacket. The reason being all three of the items from these three labels have been consistently in fashion and staples of the Gentleman's wardrobe for the entire duration of the arbitrary 20 year period.

Noel 5:19 pm, 14-Aug-2013

Barbour, Levi, Ralph Lauren.

David Hayes 5:21 pm, 14-Aug-2013

Grenson -Timeless, classic shoes. Well made, comfortable and smart Barbour - Durable, solid and quintessentially British. Terrace classic. C.P Company - Consistently a cut above the rest for decades, still making beautiful pieces, always innovative and ahead of the rest.

Andy 5:25 pm, 14-Aug-2013

John Smedley Patagonia A.P.C Classic, understated.

John 5:29 pm, 14-Aug-2013

Alright here goes! may not be to everyones taste but in no particular order Massimo Osti could choose any label touched by his genius but for me CP Company tech fabrics, innovative style and design will always have at least one piece in my wardrobe Nanamica From its outerwear to its bags, goretex goodness 6876 just does something for me, its collaborations,fabrics and designs are second to none in my humble opinion, one of my favourites being the Brecon jacket like I say my taste may not be your taste but I like what I like Thanks for reading J

Arnaud 5:34 pm, 14-Aug-2013

Levi's strauss Barbour Hackett

Jon 5:36 pm, 14-Aug-2013

In no particular order: 1 - Clark's Originals; they've been cracking out fantastically made shoes for years, the desert boot, desert trek, suede or leather have always been a staple of mens fashion in the UK during my 22 years on the planet. 2 - CP Company; it allows you to be avant guard and stand out in the crowd with pieces such as the mille miglia or the watchviewer but also allows you to bring a subtlety with their less obvious pieces that allow you to remain looking smart and have the finesse of fine italian tailoring. 3 - Armani Jeans; fantastically made jackets that last forever, great fitting tshirts and shorts for the casual summer look, jeans that allow you to tailor to your own personal choice of fitting and shirts and trousers that let you go down the smarter route, probably one of the most complete clothing brands around in my humble opinion.

kenny R 5:39 pm, 14-Aug-2013

20 years ago Armani was still the best..the range of clothing they did was the best designer label ever imho...nothing beat that eagle.. Fjallraven..the range of jackets and the attention to detail was for me the best out of the milleniums obsession to 4 pocket parka's and the mountaineering look independent British label since the turn of 2000 again their attention to detail, quality of the clothes and pricing sets them apart from the rest

Eugeny 5:48 pm, 14-Aug-2013

1 - New balance, they do fit well; 2 - Norse projects, the name sounds great, if u know what i mean; 3 - Carhartt, why not?

Ray Lee 6:23 pm, 14-Aug-2013

1. New and Lingwood. Their jackets are really bonkers and their overcoats are fantastic. Proper mens tailors for those that like eccentricity in their wardrobe. 2. Dries Van Noten. Some of my favourite shirts have come from here. Their plain white shirt is so well cut it goes with anything whilst the check shirts are always cool 3. Hush Puppy. They have been a staple of my wardrobe for many years and the recent tie-up with designer Wayne Hemmingway has delivered some interesting results. I could have gone for classics such as Churches, Grenson or Loake but the Hush Puppy has seen me through good times and bad!

olitakich 6:41 pm, 14-Aug-2013

stone island - favorite jackets and best innovative technologies for outwear. momotaro - favorite jeans, because Japan Blue Group carries out all parts of production of a premium denim adidas - favorite and most mass trainers

Crewy 6:43 pm, 14-Aug-2013

1. One True Saxon - going back 10 years or so they knocked out some great gear, especially the t shirts. 2. Casual Connoisseur - love their stuff and especially because of the limited numbers and the freebies they send out. 3. Barbour - Jackets are timeless and perfect for the British weather!

Jools 6:49 pm, 14-Aug-2013

Fjallraven - just the right mix of style and function. Classic and modern at same time Ciao - always eye catching and it disappeared as fast as it arrived We are Tuk Tuk shirts. The colours, patterns and styles are just right

Joe F 6:55 pm, 14-Aug-2013

1. Levi Strauss - Their jeans are timeless classic's with personal favourites being 501's and 751's. 2. Fred Perry - Proper smart old fashioned British make whose Polo's go with most types of style like casual, mod, skinhead etc. 3. Baracuta - Another really smart British make with some of the best Harrington jackets around.

Gurradee 6:58 pm, 14-Aug-2013

Fila - The vintage track tops from Fila are my absolutely favorites. Adidas Originals - Sure Nike, New Balance and Diadora make som nice trainers but they aren't near the variety and dynamic created by adidas. Barbour - Great jackets and knits that fits great for the brisk weather up here in south of Sweden.

Dave Coakley 7:12 pm, 14-Aug-2013

Loake: Handmade British Goodyear welter brogues. British flair mixed with tradition, look great with a suit, or a pair of jeans. H&M: Put simply well designed clothes that are affordable for the common man. I can buy a fitted blazer for under 50 sheets. M&S suits. Ask any Saville Row tailor what a guy should do if he only has 200 nicker to spend on a suit, and they will tell you "Get and M&S suit and have it taken in by a good tailor". The store itself is a British institution and has been making quality clothing for a damn sight longer than 20 years. The suits are usually a high blend of wool, cut classically and with many features/details that the competition miss out, in order to remain cheap/profitable.

Iain 7:34 pm, 14-Aug-2013

1, Wood Wood. Well made, functional, smart and understated. 2, 6876. Everything about this label is cool. The concept, the attention to detail and the overall quality of the garments. 3, Fjallraven. Smart and hard wearing. I have Fjall garments that are more than 5 years old and have been worn and washed hundreds of times but are still in near perfect condition.

carley 7:37 pm, 14-Aug-2013

Well I think they've all been going longer than the last 20 years... 1.Converse baseball boots or pumps; for comfort and looks. Being a woman lol they look great with a dress and with a pair of jeans whether camping or out on the town. 2.barbour; you get exactly what you are paying for. good old traditional wax jackets that last forever. 3.Lacoste; you just gotta love clothes with a little croc on them!

gregg 7:51 pm, 14-Aug-2013

1. Fred perry, because its the only item that can be bought by anyone, the classic twin tipped polo shirt. no matter what scene they are from be it mods, casuals, rockstars, dressers, punks and skinheads. 2. Adidas, what other shoe brand is as popular? I like adidas because when I was alot younger my dad took me to the football for the furst time l in an adidas firebird jacket and sambas and then as we got to the ground I noticed everyone else seemed to be wearing there own version of this outfit. Everyone looked cool. Stripes galore! My first trainers were adidas too apparently. 3. Lacoste, just because of that crocodile

Josh 8:19 pm, 14-Aug-2013

Adidas - While they may not still be producing the best trainers about (although some are still quality) they are responsible for some of the best trainers to be seen in the last 20 years, many of which are still sought after now, with dozens considerd timeless classics. Casual Co - While it may seem Cliché or whatever due to why im writing this, CC is definately one of my favorite brands about. This is mainly due to the originality of the brand, but also possibly how limited and sort after their garments are. From the printed t-shirts to Weirs I like most things they've done, my personal favorite being the 'Beat a Storm' cags. Nigel Cabourn - This is mainly due to their jackets, for years they have been producing stunning jackets of good quality, such as their aircrafts or cameramans, that are in my opinion some of the best and smartest jackets in recent years.

Lucas 8:39 pm, 14-Aug-2013

Noronna: bombproof, looks incredible, and rarely worn by others. This goes for vintage (with the less than PC viking logo) as well as more recent stuff. 6876: Quiet, almost stealth, fashion. Better than you. CP Company Urban Protection: are you fucking kidding? This shit is unstoppable. Looks good, one ups the fuck out of everyone.

James Rayner 9:02 pm, 14-Aug-2013

1. Casual Connoisseur 2. 80s Casuals 3. Barbour Could not live without these three! Quality in such different ways. CC: Classic films made into tees, cult figures and epic weirs. 80s casuals: Top jackets, great polos & the best bucket hats I know. Barbour: So smart yet so casual, perfect for any occasion & such a durable brand.

Graham 9:19 pm, 14-Aug-2013

Tough one but here goes 1. Fred Perry - First label i ever took proper notice of as a kid. 2. Clarks - Shoe perfection. 3. Albam - Fisherman cag.

Ian Wilson 9:59 pm, 14-Aug-2013

One True Saxon - going back right to the very start, a bunch of lads from the North designing and making clothes they liked, that their peers sought after (very much like Casualconnoisseur model today). Great stand out pieces - jungle marsh parka, OTS Supply range and camo shooting jacket. CP Company. A brand where you could dress up and dress down at the same time, stand out from the crowd yet able to blend in. With its design techniques, attention to detail and quality Italian styling, it does everything its young loud brash brother Stone Island offers, but it achieves it sensibly without shouting it from the rooftops. The trousers to Stone Islands mouth. Faconnable - The French fashion house make the only shirtings I genuinely get excited about. I get a thrill when pulling one on as they still seem to have an air of exclusivity about them. L'art du lifestyle.

Dan 10:33 pm, 14-Aug-2013

Have the boots already, so just joining in for fun, so difficult. 6876, the one constant in my wardrobe since I was 18. Clarks Originals always been there, always will be. Please re-release Leonidas next, wink wink. Engineered Garments, their indefineable New York City vibes put me in mind of cool 70's cops' Serpico, Doyle and Lt Garber.

Stripe. 10:43 pm, 14-Aug-2013

1. 2009 Cp Company Mille Miglia in turquoise, first piece of "clobber" I bought with my first ever pay packet, clocked in at £350 but still looks great on me. 2. 2012 Casual Connoisseur weir in black and yellow, obvious classic shape and warm as f**k. 3. Barbour Bedale, classic elegance, looks like something my grandad used to wear, awesome.

Lee 10:49 pm, 14-Aug-2013

1. Ralph Lauren worn there clothes for 15 years easy too wear 2. Nike it was cool at school,cool when I was scally and still cool now I'm a dad 3. Cp company they made the mille Miglia the most iconic jacket in my eyes

Mike 11:37 pm, 14-Aug-2013

1. Clarks Originals. Stunning footwear for all occasions and all conditions. Timeless. 2. Barbour. Outerwear is consistently brilliant, durable and always looks great. 3. Norse Projects. With each season, their stuff just keeps on getting better. Superb range of knitwear and lovely Scandanavian Outerwear.

John BarBar 12:00 am, 15-Aug-2013

1. 6876 - First brand I truly obsessed over. Still got every piece I bought from Drooghi back in the day. 2. Albam - Great British brand, good denim and not daft prices like Cabourn and some of the other ones from across the pond 3. Ralph Lauren - This is the main one for me. Over the last 10 to 15 years it's gradually dominated my wardrobe. From socks to RRL I love it all

Chris Edwards 1:31 am, 15-Aug-2013

6876: Subtle, understated quality kit for grown ups. Class. Stone Island: pre-2000 they put out some incredible gear, the new stuff doesn't come close. Ralph Lauren: Polo innit? Enough said.

James M 1:56 am, 15-Aug-2013

1. Ellesse. One of the many Jewels in the "80's look" crown in terms of iconography. Although the recent production of cheap polo's and sweatshirts doing the rounds on ebay may have caused the label to lose some of it's prestige, the designs still echo the flamboyant nature of the brand's peak era, when it was the attire of choice for any self-respecting tennis star or gurning hacienda patron. 2. Napapijri. With jackets designed for Arctic climates surely it has to be a winter essential. The perfect balance between style and practicality (I'm only speaking from personal preferance as the Norwegian flag design is often considered to some as hideous, obviously Fjallraven fans). The brand has maintained it's integrity, in that it's one of the only real labels left that haven't been massacred by chavs, hipsters and the ever increasing younger generation of "hools". 3. Benetton. Don't even need to mention which particular item I'm referring to. Although the brand itself currently is a far cry from the casual icon it previously once was, the vintage pieces would undoubtedly be the most sort after items for any of us.

Darren 6:45 am, 15-Aug-2013

3 favourite brands? Let me think...... Actually I don't have 3 favourite brands simply because I got married and the bitch screwed me on my clothes and football habit. Now however, she's gone and I'lm slowly getting my old self back on the beat. So, if I had to choose (because of her) it'd be George, H&M and a couple of M&S bits. Have a heart.....

Patric 7:39 am, 15-Aug-2013

Stone Island - innovativ when it comes to fabrics Lacoste - quality since ever Adidas Originals - iconic trainers

Bill 8:15 am, 15-Aug-2013

Well, it's simple really... 1) Clarks Originals & the crepe soles must be the only shoes that get you through the day looking sharp but with the feel of wearing slippers. Just pray it doesn't rain. 2) Casual Connoisseur, never have a bunch of lads in a northern warehouse space caused such a fuss amongst so many other lads. Well, not since acid house anyway. 3) Fuck paying a weeks wages for fancy denim. Stick to Uniqlo Japanese denim jeans and you can't go far wrong. Got me through many a tricky fashion encounter - be it mod nights, terrace days or just hanging around in Dalston. Not once has someone laughed at me because my jeans were only 30 squid.

J. walter Weatherman 9:27 am, 15-Aug-2013

1. Fjallraven: because I love thinking I'm a rugged, Nordic outdoors type (the lack of a beard ruins it slightly though). It's also great knowing you're protected by tough-as-old shit tent material. I'm not quite laughing in the face of nature, but it comes close. 2. Clarks Originals: look, I'll level with you. The suede, the crepe soles, the craftmanship; it practically gives me a semi. I could just stare at a pair for hours. Is that healthy? Probably not, but when shoes are this good, I couldn't give a platoon of flying monkeys. 3. Lacoste: how can you not look like the proverbial drooping canine sac with this label? The simplicity of it all is what makes it so good; pop on a polo shirt, make sure it's got a little crocodile on it, button up the collar and walk out of the house knowing you've just won fashion. 9:34 am, 15-Aug-2013

1) Asdale (Vintage brand, the Old 'Uns may remember it) 2) Primarni For Men 3) Florence And Fred. As you can see my budget doesn't stretch to being able to afford these boots. But I reeeeeally want a pair. ;-)

Donal F 9:37 am, 15-Aug-2013

My favourite piece of clothing is probably a C.P Company overshirt that's a little overworn if anything. That brand is timeless to me. Some won't wear anything without goggles on it, and the goggle wolly hats can piss off, but much of their output is still very smart. I am a Patagonia addict, which is handy with their European Outlet being here in Dublin. Absolutely brilliant jackets that stand the test of time. Lastly, Norse Projects is a more recent affair for me! The NP X Elka jackets, and the fit of their shirts, mean I've taken to that brand in a big way.

Biff 10:14 am, 15-Aug-2013

Patagonia - they make brilliant gear for all kinds of outdoor pursuits, making you look cool whether you're up a mountain, on the beach, or in a beer garden. It's a company with a good ethos too, socially and environmentally responsible. Red Wing - it's almost a dirty word these days, but it's hard to imagine a brand with as much heritage as this one. There's a reason why they're still going strong after more than 100 years. I've got three pairs of their shoes and they'll probably outlive me. Indestructible. Polo Ralph Lauren - truth be told, I'm a bit sick of seeing it on everyman and his dog. But credit where it's due, the brand has been around a long time and is still going strong, surviving despite being snided to within an inch of its life. It's so versatile you can dress in Polo from head to toe in pretty much any situation you might find yourself in. A stalwart.

M.F 10:37 am, 15-Aug-2013

Adidas original trainers timeless classics ,Barbour outer wear old school and new school combined,finally Cp Company Mille Miglia say no more.

Jay 12:22 pm, 15-Aug-2013

Yuketen Roy jeans SEH Kelly

CalWat 12:29 pm, 15-Aug-2013

Casual Connoisseur - cool branding and design with quirky references. Made buying clothing for football fun again. 6876 - clothing with a social conscience that just works and looks superb. Eminently wearable and always in fashion and never date. Great collaborations. Engineered Garments - They just get it right and improve season on season. Work wear that cannot be topped at reasonable prices without gimmicks. You just ant to wear and wear their clothing.

Jimmy Elstub 12:53 pm, 15-Aug-2013

Adidas for trainers. Fred Perry for Polos. Fruit of the Loom for knock off band T-shirts.

stan 12:58 pm, 15-Aug-2013

Clarks Originals Edwin Lacoste Done. Good to go.

Sneakin' In The Back 1:02 pm, 15-Aug-2013

Voi Jeans - I respect that they saw what Evisu were doing and decided to scrap all the product quality and design and just focus on the branding. Superdry - "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything" That should be their slogan. Hugo Boss - I love paying 5x as much for a suit made in the same factory as M&S

Lloyd jones 1:03 pm, 15-Aug-2013

Post overalls - love workwear so absolutely love what this brand does on most seasons. Timeless and stylish, just need to lower the RRP and it would be perfect. One True Saxon - a much maligned brand of late and rightly so, even with the relaunch it pales in significance to its earlier efforts. Special to me because it was one of the fist brands I bought whilst dipping my toe on the casual scene. Made in UK, great mix of classic and and contemporary plus sparked my love of Japanese denim. Oh how I miss thee. LVC - another shout to the workwear look, just cannot get enough of this brand. Love how they use their extensive back catalogue. Plus who doesn't want to walk around looking like a late 19th century miner!?

Rob Pattison 1:36 pm, 15-Aug-2013

Casual connoisseur because the quality of the goods and the quality of the prints on the t-shirts and giving artists a chance to display their artwork through a quality brand. Adidas originals for bringing back classic trainers from the terrace era. Also for making trainers that were bright cool again. Especially the adidas dublin. Paul smith. Without a doubt some of the best jackets, shirts, jeans. Some designs that are simple and discrete to wear with anything and some bold design classics. Anyone know if the original money shirt worn by Ian brown was paul smith?

Manc Wool 1:37 pm, 15-Aug-2013

Gola, Primark and Sports Direct

Steg 2:51 pm, 15-Aug-2013

1. 80's casuals. Made by the group of lads round the corner you see at the match, for the lad round the corner you see at the match. Superb clobber that can you get the nod of approval even when being dragged out shopping with the bird. 2. Fred Perry. Still can't go wrong with the classic polo. 3. Adidas Original. The only trainer to compliment the rest of your outfit and the only trainer that people keep continuing to turn to when buying a new pair.

Bull Mirray 4:01 pm, 15-Aug-2013

Barbour (classic) it's good enough for the Royals, then it's good enough for us mere mortals. Stone Island (1990's) at one point it was still very exclusive and not the go to brand for credit card casuals and JCL's. Casual Connoisseur, not just saying it, but a genuinely fresh and exciting label and always one step ahead. Salut! (PS, 11's please)

Jose Manuel 4:37 pm, 15-Aug-2013

1) Topo Designs: Made in USA backpacks and apparel, well made and bright colours/contrasts... they force you to go out and experience nature! 2) Mephisto shoes: Ever considering joining the Légion étrangère, these would be the shoes of choice, great and indestructible looks! 3) Casual Connoisseur: oneupmanship clothing and accessories in limited numbers for the football type that might or not go to football anymore... spot on designs, ideas, pure street culture!

Legal Wrangle 5:23 pm, 15-Aug-2013

Adidas - producing a great mix of modern and retro. Fred Perry - its resurgence proved its worth and quality. Naked and Famous - for being so original with their denim.

Stan 5:34 pm, 15-Aug-2013

Out of all the answers (including mine) I would give it to John BarBar

Brom 5:59 pm, 15-Aug-2013

1. CP Company - for the Mille Miglia jacket. Simply a head turner, walk into a pub or a football ground & everyone has their eyes on you. Well made, iconic, innovative, unique. 2. Clarks Originals - ok, trainers are cool, but we're adults now, you want to look smart & its the Desert Boot or the Wallabee or the Oberon. These are British, these are cool, these are smart, these are timeless. 3. Albam - i'm going British again, but this time independent. Whether its the Japanese Denim, the Seamless T-Shirts or the Fishermans Cagoule this is simple, stylish, sought after and honest. They provide great personal service too which you don't get from the bigger, more popular brands - they make you feel special.

Scott 9:16 pm, 15-Aug-2013

Funnily enough, Casual Connoisseur is actually one of my favourite brands simply because everything they prouduce is completely different to every brand and they never seem to run out of ideas. Second would be Barbour because they're clothing is just top quality and very smart. Third would have to be Stone Island, some of the jackets they produce are oustanding!

Drew Guy 9:02 am, 16-Aug-2013

What about early Duffer, Supreme or Bape? Good call the old Armani, Benetton and Napapriji..

rod Linton 9:28 am, 16-Aug-2013

The burberry check shirt and golfer jacket.teamed up with a pair of jumbo cords,and lambswool jumper was a classic never to be beat.barbour jackets them with a deerstalker another look never to be beaten. 6876 the capandula jacket and sonnora will never leave my wardrobe outstanding pieces.and very limited. Rule Britannia..

Zorba 12:07 pm, 16-Aug-2013

Clarks originals. I think the clue is in the name, never has a more comfortable, cool, affordable shoe been manufactured. Constantly re issuing gems season after season. I wore them at school and I still wear them now 35 years on Engineered Garments. Always beautiful, always well made. A man’s got to have the best jacket he can afford and this does it for me. Casual Connoisseur. Its limited, its street and it mixes things up, surely that’s what it’s all about.

Russ 1:27 pm, 16-Aug-2013

It changes on a fairly regular basis but if I had to choose I'd probably say Lacoste, Clarks Origninals and Marshall Artist. A mixture of tiimeless classics and modern tailoring.

Kev 4:41 pm, 16-Aug-2013

SEH Kelly - Incredible quality, functionality and style. Made in England yet still cheaper than 99% of competitors! Norse Projects - Everything from tee's to jackets, every collection is flawless. Great quality stuff with something for everyone! Adidas Originals - Who doesn't like a pair of Adidas? Whether that is the classic casual inspired models like a Munchen or a running style like a ZX500.

Arthur Cody Jarrett 8:55 pm, 16-Aug-2013

Garbstore: Ian Pailey can't go wrong, 6876: Kenneth Mackenzie as well, Jacoform: bloody comfy, wear it with some shoulder pads and make proud your old geography teacher.

Dale Sproull 10:46 pm, 16-Aug-2013

1. The Aquascutum House Check Scarf - To me, no matchday or football casual collection is completed with this piece of unique attire. The different shades of brown, cream and navy blue bring a winter and cold feel to the beautifully crafted scarf. Some people may wear it for different reasons, some to show that they mean something or are part of a group and like the feeling of everyone having their eyes on them, others to basically look smart and casual. It's a vital piece of 'clobber' and can almost match any outfit you hit with it. 2. Clarks Originals - To many people wearing or to the people who are fascinated by the whole football fashion are drawn at first to the one section of trainers, in which are adidas originals, not that there is anything wrong with that but it comes across a bit repetitive to many that are fed up and want to try something new. I'd say over the past five years i've begin to see many a folk rocking the clark 'desert boot' and the 'wallabee', each with their own distinct personality. Many who don't really understand the fashion will at first be like "what the hell is that geezer wearing", but to others the two come across bring a very smart and casual finish to any outfit. So to sum them up I'd probably say, the folk fed up with the same look that almost everyone tries to achieve go for these particular articulate shoes. 3. Stone Island original Crew Neck - To me this is one of my vital pieces of clothing when going out at the weekends or going to the games. This jumper says it all and infers to many some people's character, the jumper tells its own story and I have my own theory about this historical piece of football clothing: without the bad on the arm no one would be able to tell if this was a stone island jumper or a just an ordinary jumper therefore it doesnt't really have a meaning, will no doubt still look well smart but it just wouldn't be the same. When I wear my stone island jumper I want people to know that it is a stone island jumper, that badge on the sleeve is everything and is the key to the success of the overall jumper itself. Nothing will ever take that away.

bob 5:07 pm, 20-Aug-2013

Vans, I've bought a new pair every year for the last 30 years. Stone Island, no explanation necessary. One True Saxon because I'm not well off, I want to look a 'million bucks' but I've only got fifty quid.

bob 3:07 pm, 22-Aug-2013

Ah there is one thing to add tho, which is sad. One True Saxon is dead, all the stock was bought by Henry Brummel of Droitwich, there is a little sale shop next to the main shop, it's a bit of a jumble sale with high price tags but there are some bargains to be had. Shop's worth a visit anyway as the website is pretty shit to navigate. (Better than the 'Hip Store' tho, I'm waiting for the 50% off the 50% off sale to start then I might be able to buy some socks!)

Daniel 10:47 am, 24-Aug-2013

Fjall Raven, Penfield and Woolrich. They all make me feel like a woodsman.

john maturin 12:55 pm, 27-Aug-2013

john smedley churches shoes harris tweed jacket marks and spencer moleskin trousers brooke bros shirts H&M tee shirts .Where have the dedicated followers of fashion gone..those of us over 60 I mean!!

Michael Pugh 10:54 am, 29-Aug-2013

Fred Perry: Polo's, Shirt's & Cardigan's. Nothing else to be said. Levi Strauss & Co.: Jeans are the perfect partner in crime for the aforementioned Fred Perry apparel. Adidas: I could go on forever.

Bill 4:47 pm, 29-Aug-2013

Is this my cue to sound as pretentious as possible and drop the 3 most obscure labels no ones ever heard of to redeem a pocket full of internet-forum/blog-lad kudos?

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