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Muhammad Movie: A Guide To The Blasphemous Film Causing Riots in Benghazi

by Oscar Rickett
13 September 2012 25 Comments

An American produced film, made for an apparent $5 million, has inflamed the Muslim world by depicting the prophet Muhammad as a sex-crazed murderer. As a result the American ambassador in Benghazi has been killed. Here's a shot by shot analysis of this awful film...

An American produced film, made for an apparent $5 million, has inflamed the Muslim world by depicting the prophet Muhammad as a sex-crazed murderer. U.S. embassies and consulates in Egypt and Libya have been attacked as a result and the American ambassador in Benghazi has been killed. It’s a horrible situation. But what of the film that has caused this outpouring of violence? I decided to look at it with my cultural hat on.

The film, or the fifteen-minute taster I saw, begins mid-scene with an Army corporal proudly telling a Christian doctor about Muhammad’s many wives and mistresses. They have a laugh. But this laugh turns sour, it echoes the screaming of innocents because a rough gang of extremists are on their way.

In a wild blur, terrifying men with strap on beards knock down an innocent woman on their way to burn the doctor’s surgery. What do they care of medicine, these wild animals?

Here she is, the beautiful symbol of innocent, smashed Christianity. Plato understood the power of beauty and so do the Christian backers of this $5 million feature film. A beautiful woman is always on the right side.

With his surgery nought but an entirely pure memory, our brave doctor explains the villainy of Islam to his daughters. “Man + X = Islamic extremist”, he says. “Extremist – X = Man”. What does it mean? That’s not the point; it’s powerful, mysterious and allows us to go on a journey back to the root of “Islamic evil”: the prophet Muhammad, the world’s biggest shagger.

Here he is, gnawing on a bone, the archetypal savage. The director is starting as he means to go on. This is to be an all-out assault on Islam’s answer to Jesus. Jesus, of course, was partial to a delicate chickpea salad. Muhammad, who we have been told is a bastard, only knows the pleasures of raw meat.

As well as being a raw antelope-chomping savage, Muhammad also seems to be a spoilt frat bro, bitching at his armed guard and coming across like the star of Bill & Ted Hit The Desert. The film is already expertly blending elements of the raw, earthy style of There Will be Blood-era Paul Thomas Anderson with the hilarious, free-spirited misogyny of an early Keanu Reeves vehicle.

“You are not wearing under garments,” this demure, well-covered woman tells Muhammad. Boy is there egg on his face! The interior setting ramps up the sexual tension but instead of maintaining this frisson, the director swiftly has Muhammad putting his head between the be-robed lady’s legs. Muhammad will have her by the end of the scene, further proof, if there was proof needed, of his diabolical sexual power…

This, apparently, is the first Muslim animal. Muhammad is delighted by him and starts to resemble Mozart in Amadeus, delightedly bantering with the curmudgeonly donkey. It is, perhaps, an ingenious role reversal of the Shrek-Donkey relationship: here, Shrek (Muhammad) is full of energy while Donkey (the Donkey) is taciturn.

This is the beginning of Islam. Muhammad running off to spread the word whilst the be-robed woman tells some old man to “write a book for us”- he agrees, telling her it will be copied from the Torah and the Bible. The scene’s artificial look, recorded on a sound stage with a desert background seemingly pasted in from MS Paint, cleverly alludes to the artificial composition of the Qur’an.

Here, Muhammad has been caught indulging his favourite pastime: ploughing a servant girl. He tries to assuage the wrath of the two women beating him with shoes by offering their menfolk various titles. Again, the use of the claustrophobic interior is masterful. This, we are told, is Muhammad’s domain. He is never more comfortable than when in the private confines of a desert encampment, a comely servant girl or handsome desert boy (yep, this film suggests, among other things, that Muhammad definitely enjoyed being gay) by his side.

Muhammad tells everyone that all non-Muslims must die and the screen irrupts in flames. Here, the rage of Muhammad is literally reflected. His anger is like fire. It will never be put out. It will devour all-particularly Christians and handsome boys-and save none.

It is possibly the most awful and offensive film in history.

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le rouge 10:46 am, 13-Sep-2012

'here's a shot by shot analysis' followed by a review of a fifteen minute taster. Have you seen the film or not? it sounds absolute shite by the way.

Dan The Man 4:25 pm, 13-Sep-2012

It sounds worse than Showgirls. And I don't remember strippers burning embassies and murdering people in protest. It would be like an extreme Benny Hill outro.

Sgt Pilko 7:24 pm, 13-Sep-2012

If i were going to end up being beheaded by terrorists on the internet... i would at least make damn sure my blasphemous 'movie' was a glorious artistic masterpiece worth dying for... stupid sods...

J 8:33 pm, 13-Sep-2012


Spo101 12:42 am, 14-Sep-2012

I’m telling you something stinks about this whole situation. Neo-Cons move greedy fanatic savages around the Middle East like so many useful tool pawns on a chess board. 9-11-12 The breaking news in Libya and Egypt is a farce. The same covert-op, Christian, neo-con devils who instigated the protests before the Iran Hostage taking incident during the Carter Administration are perpetrating these traitorous acts AGAIN! The situation in Iran led to the defeat of President Jimmy Carter to Ronald 6 Wilson 6 Reagan 6... Conservative wackos actually voted for an actor who played 2nd fiddle to Bonzo. Big monied interests are paying off Libyan-Egyptian locals to storm US compounds in a concerted effort to bring down Obama/Biden before the election. By the way, what has Ollie North been up to recently? Learn to THINK again on consciousmc.blogspot.c**

anon 2:57 am, 14-Sep-2012

"possibly the most awful and offensive film in history" more like hilarious film in history. The fact this had a budget of 5million is amazing too, it's just so bad- the fuck did they use that money for? Still a better comedy than anything adam sandler's done in years.

washishu 2:29 pm, 14-Sep-2012

I think Spo101 is right, except that it's not covert-op Christian, neo-con devils, it's actually the grand children of the Roswell space men plotting to overthrow western democracy. Oh yeah and they're assisted by Lee Harvey Oswald's ghost—or is it James Earl Ray's ghost? I can't remember. I get a bit confused sometimes. Mummy, my head's hurting again.

Abdul Nasib 5:27 pm, 14-Sep-2012

this movie is absolutely disgusting!!! it is wrong to mock and religous leader or any good leader for that matter why i hate about this is the fact that people think muslims are terrorist when in fact muslims arent aloud to disrespect any person and as muslims we also believe in jesus and moses and noah and most other prophets and in islam it is regarded as a sin to do something like this but obviously whoever did this's religion allows him so just goes to show the teachings of christianity or should i say '' the edited version of christianity that all semm to be believing in''

Toqijav 6:36 pm, 14-Sep-2012

It is awful to see the totally opposite picture of mohammad and contrary to quran and Islamic history.with this act producer revealed his ignorance and severe hatred for no reason. These are the things which create negative notions against the freedom of write and speak.

Joshua Joel 10:18 am, 15-Sep-2012

Guys its a conspiracy... thing the other way round if some muslim start making films like this on Jesus Christ and Mary. We should respect religion.

Elwin Daniels 11:21 am, 15-Sep-2012

' a result (you say) the US ambassador in Benghazi has been killed' No, he and three others (more since, probabaly more to come) were killed was as a result of the Muslim reaction (unless the attack was well planned using the film as a pretext as seems at least possible). Agreed the trailer is shite, but then again perhaps it provoked a reaction that proves something. Do we self censor criticism of Muhammen, Islam and the Koran for fear of this sort of thing, or do we hold Islamic nations to account? We need their oil, they need our grain and technology. And if they can't stop themselves behaving like this when they feel offended, shouldn't we stop to consider the future consequences for our way of life of so many of them immigrating to the west?

Nick 12:11 pm, 16-Sep-2012

I have no religion any more and the reason for this partially is all the bullshit hate that has to accompany it. IT'S A MOVIE!! How can that be worth a human life?

abdul hassan 8:12 pm, 16-Sep-2012

i think its just a conspiracy... west says that muslims are terrorists but dont u think that making such type of blosphemous movies against someone's religion is terrorism too??? america who claims to be biggest protector of human rights actualy is the terrorist state

Faith 9:26 am, 17-Sep-2012

why kill someone who is not aware of you tube or this movie for that matter? thats stone age

Free Thinker 11:17 am, 17-Sep-2012

How dare you blame any film for the actions of a pack of neanderthal savages.

Nick 12:17 am, 18-Sep-2012

No, Abdul Hassan. I don't think this movie is terrorism. I'm Christian, but I don't call for the beheading of John Cleese because I'm inflamed by the Life of Brian. The fact is that the more radical Muslims are always happy for a reason to "go off on one" as my Mum always says. Some of their views - Sharia law for the whole world, multiple executions for those who say the wrong thing about Mohammed, and death to the Jewish nation, are frankly Hitler-esqe.

Tamzid 10:17 am, 21-Sep-2012

Muhammad(sm) was the greatest man of the world. And like him we all muslims love peace. But u christians r creating restlessness in the world by producing such films. This is a crime to hurt the religious feelings of others. What should i call this christians?

Cholo 2:45 pm, 22-Sep-2012

Do really need this lambasting piece giving it more oxygen.Also who on earth would be offended by this obvious trash.Get a life.

Md. Shofiqul Haq 6:07 am, 23-Sep-2012

This film has best portrayed the character of the founder of Christianity Jhon Paul instead of our great Prophet Muhammad (SA).

tariq javed 9:09 am, 23-Sep-2012


zam 1:02 am, 5-Oct-2012

This producer needs to get a life. The devil always find something for idle hands to do,and he is sure controlling your little piece of brain.. Go and do some voluntaring work and make your life worth while.

WHO CARES 6:46 am, 18-Oct-2012

Why should any relegion really care if someone makes a mockery of them? If they are real then their gods will punish the evil. so boo hoo all you want. its your god who gets the kick in the face. i swear im not even supposed to be here in this time.gonna try and kill people for a movie,get out of here.all scarred and for what a bomb? a gun? somebody gonna get you? jeez just let em do what they can. god will do as he does. Have a nice day.(Imbeciles All of you.)

riffat 10:27 pm, 27-Oct-2012

its fals. our muhamed was not like make this movie was not a good abservour r can not study. none of our book is syaing all yhat cheap

jane 3:14 pm, 5-Nov-2012

who every has made this is the best devil in the world. presenting someone else religion in such a wrong way, nobody has the right to interfair in oyher's religion

Fazilat 5:09 am, 4-Apr-2013

Muhhamad Sab is a legend and no one is lky him in all over world. the person who made this movie should be hit by stone untill he dies. he is a dustard. wat he knows about Islam, Islam is the best religion ever. if we are not taking interest in your religion than y r u all taking interest in our relogion.

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