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The Cronut: A New York Pastry Creation Goes Viral

by Jennifer Rinkoff
25 July 2013 3 Comments

What do you get if you cross a croissant with a donut? A 'cronut', obviously. Thanks to social media, word of this new baked creation has spread like wildfire it's headed to the U.K. Here's everything you need to know about the pastry sensation and, more importantly, where you can get hold of one...


The ‘cronut’ has landed in London

May 10th was a big day for baking.  It saw the birth of the Cronut.  Half croissant, half doughnut the Cronut is a pastry hybrid created by Dominique Ansel that has taken New York by storm.

What is a Cronut?

The Cronut brings out the best in the croissant and the doughnut.  Croissant like dough is prepared and proved, then fried like a doughnut to give height and a layered effect.  Once cooked the Cronut can be; rolled in sugar, filled with cream or topped with a glaze.  It is sweet mouthful that gives a good crunch.

The Cronut is not easy to make.  The pastry needs to be hand prepared in advanced, then fried and finished.

Why is the Cronut so popular?

Only 300 are produced a day by Ansel’s bakery in New York leading to huge queues.  The queue is part of the reason the Cronut has gone viral. Why is it so popular? For me it is a combination of limited supply, the attraction of a new product that you have to queue for and of course – it tastes damn good.


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Where can I get a Cronut in London? 

You can get the Cronut, at Rinkoff bakery of Whitechapel.  The Rinkoff Cro-dough uses a family dough recipe, that is a cross between danish and croissant.  You can get them in our Jubilee Street shop but get there early as they are selling out quick time.

Who are Rinkoff bakery? 

Rinkoff’s are a fourth generation family bakery based in Whitechapel, founded, in 1911, by Hyman Rinkoff – my great grandpa – a master baker from the Ukraine. 102 years on Rinkoff’s have grown into the 4th generation of family bakery baking breads – from challahs to rye, cakes – cheesecake to danish pastries – and now Cronut’s.

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Vicki Winters 3:18 pm, 26-Jul-2013

It took me 3 attempts and I finally got one.

Aspen 8:43 pm, 30-Jul-2013

Cheeky question, but what time do you usually sell out of those bad boys? :) I'm desperate to write about them! @Gollumcrackcorn

Louise Randall 2:15 pm, 16-Aug-2013

The best ones I have tasted so far have been from Cocomaya, London. In my opinion much better than the ones from NY. Cocomaya's flavour of the month is Sicilian lemon, decorated with fresh edible flowers... Cutest thing ever!!

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