10 Filthy Tackles Between Liverpool And Manchester United

Suarez VS. Evra. Carragher clattering Nani. Smith's broken leg. Even the youth teams get amongst it. These are the are the ten worst challenges in a Liverpool VS. Manchester United game...
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Suarez VS. Evra. Carragher clattering Nani. Smith's broken leg. Even the youth teams get amongst it. These are the are the ten worst challenges in a Liverpool VS. Manchester United game...

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Liverpool vs Manchester United is still the biggest fixture of the year, don't believe me? Just ask Alex Ferguson or Kenny Dalglish. It's had brilliant moments galore, featured the greatest players in the world and we've seen some of the finest goals scored in England's top flight, but there's always been a dark side. Here are ten of the worst fouls from the history of the tie....

Jamie Carragher on Luis Nani -

It's late, it's high, and it made Nani cry. Jamie Carragher was always struggling to make the ball when Nani knocked it past him that day, Carragher had been shown up  by Thierry Henry with this sort of skill before though and knowing very well that he wouldn't catch the Portuguese winger, stopped him the only way he could.

FA Youth Cup Quarter Final 2011-

Two promising sets of young players, a fiery atmosphere and some naive refereeing made sure that this fixture is one for the record books. Four sendings off, a bloody nose for Liverpool skipper Coady, and a lead role for everyone's favourite spoilt brat Ravel Morrison. Which was the foul we're talking about? Take your pick.

John Arne Riise's Free-Kick On Alan Smith -

Possibly the most bizarre and unfortunate injury I have ever seen on a football pitch. On the 18th of February 2006 Alan Smith boldly charged down a thunderous John Arne Riise free-kick, he received a broken leg, dislocated ankle and twelve months on the sidelines for his troubles. It's not so much  a tackle, but certainly worthy of a mention.

Nemanja Vidic on Fernando Torres  -

An impressive hat-trick of dismissals for the Serbian outlines why he could never really get his head around Fernando Torres during his time at Liverpool. It wasn't always for fouling Torres that he was sent off, but the Spaniard always had the beating of Vidic and ensured Liverpool got a decent set of results against ten men during this period.

Steven Gerrard on Michael Carrick -

The tackle that got Ryan Babel into so much trouble. Steven Gerrard's two-footed lunge on Michael Carrick in January 2011 left Howard Webb in no doubt that the Liverpool skipper was deserving of an early bath. Liverpool's Dutch winger, at the time, Ryan Babel was not so certain, and took to Twitter that evening, posting an edited picture of Webb wearing a Manchester United shirt. An act which ultimately landed him in hot water with The FA.

Luis Suarez on Patrice Evra -

A flick of the leg by the much maligned Uruguayan, a healthy dose of simulation by Patrice Evra, and suddenly we're embroiled in the largest racist scandal, not to affect and England captain, that football has seen in many years. In terms of the game, this tackle didn't do much, but we all know what happened afterwards… sort of.

Colin Gibson & Norman Whiteside -

Liverpool had gone 3-1 up at Anfield thanks to a belter of a strike from Steve McMahon, rather than regroup and attempt to get back into the game United's Gibson & Whiteside took it upon themselves to start kicking people and hope for the best. (From about 4:27) Gibson saw red and Whiteside was booked, somehow though United snatched two goals back and the game finished 3-3.

Neil Ruddock on Roy Keane -  1994

A relative feast of hardmen here, as Neil 'Razor' Ruddock wipes out Roy Keane  on the edge of the Liverpool box (At about 4:24), and then takes a bite at Paul Ince as he leaps to his teammates defence. Keane wasn't the renowned hatchet-man that he would later become, and Ruddock had been doing it for years, that coupled with a weight advantage of about 15 stone meant Razor came out on top.

Nemanja Vidic on Xabi Alonso -

One of six sendings off featuring Xabi Alonso in the 2008/09 season, as outlined in this frankly bizarre video. A seemingly routine header for Nemanja Vidic, a fling of an elbow and another red card for a foul on one of Liverpool's Spaniards for the big Serb.

Neil Ruddock Breaks Andy Cole's Legs -

In 1996 whilst playing for Liverpool reserves, Neil Ruddock broke both of Andy Cole's legs with a crunching tackle, ever the diplomat Ruddock claimed that the United striker had dived. More recently, in an interview with TalkSport, 'Razor' has admitted guilt, but suggested that he only tried to break 'one of his legs', not both of them. Why did he do it though? Because Teddy Sheringham, one of his pals, didn't like Cole. Brilliant.

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