10 Iconic Footballer Hairstyles

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10. Bobby Charlton - 'The Combover'

An absolute classic. The combover was the popular choice for balding men back in the day and creepy science teachers nowadays. It was the not-so-subtle method of covering up bald patches (or trying to), but unless you've had it fixed with super-glue, playing football on a wet and windy day turns a combover into an all over.

9. Chris Waddle - 'The 2in1 Mullet'

The 80s was all synths, shell-suits and scandalous barnets. Chris Waddle captured the spirit of the era with his mullet which genuinely looks like two hairstyles in one.

8. Kevin Keegan 'The Wet Perm'

The big, bushy wet perm was the bee's knees at the time, despite looking like you've got a family of birds living upstairs. Keegan's lid was the inspiration for Harry Enfield's Scousers and will never ever be forgotten, no matter how hard we try.

7. Ruud Gullit 'Dreads'

Gullit was a fantastic player, mainly for his tchnical ability, but also for being responsible for bringing dreadlocks into mainstream football. This timeless style will never go out of fashion.

6. Djibril Cissé - 'The Fro-light'

Cissé made dying your afro and beard bleach blond a thing. This fearless and pioneering leap opened the door for the likes of Alex Song and others.

5. Freddie Ljungberg - 'The Scruffy Red Mohawk' 

"We love you Freddy, 'cause you've got Red hair!" The famous song Gooners would chant at their beloved Swede. The Calvin Klein model made garish hair dye cool and had every teenage Arsenal fan giving their parents heart-attacks.

4. Ronaldo - 'The WTF'

A hairstyle that made the world stand still in awe. I bet Ronaldo thought everyone was admiring his record World Cup goals tally when he won with Brazil in 2002, but no. In fact, everyone was just wondering what on earth would compel someone to do such a thing. It's semicircular shape, like a sun that never sets.

3. Marouane Fellaini - 'The Afro'

A modern revival of a vintage classic. Fellaini wigs were all the rage when he first came to England and the amount of extra spring it gives headers makes it a useful accessory for sunday league. Failing that, you could always use it for that 70s themed party.

2. David Beckham - 'The Boyband'

Beckham has been at the forefront of footballer hairstyles ever since he discovered gel for the first time. This one is the Blue reject boyband look and it's SO Malia 2001 I can almost smell the sambuca. Look, if you haven't experimented with blonde highlights, you haven't lived.

1. Carlos Valderrama - 'The Valderrama'

So individual, so iconic, so BIG. Valderrama had the craziest and best hair football has ever seen and nobody has yet dared to even try and replicate or surpass his effort. Those lustrous, swirling golden ringlets were like Goldilocks meets the Amazon rainforest. Wow.