13 Classic Shots Of Brad Friedel Spurs And Aston Villa Fans Will Love

An American dream comes to it's end.
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An American dream comes to it's end.

Brad Friedel is 44 years old today and the Premier League legend has announced that he is finally hanging up his gloves. 

Here's 13 ace photographs that celebrate his remarkable career.

13. In training with the USA in 1993

12. Goaltending for Columbus Crew in 1996

11. At Liverpool in 1998

10. An Olympian in 2000

9. Blackburn’s reliable Rover in 2001

8. At the World Cup in 2002

7. Braving the English weather in 2005

6. A popular signing for Villa in 2008

5. Still flying in 2010

4. Finding a final home at Spurs in 2011

3. ‘The cat’ in 2012

2. Snow joke in 2013

1. Saying goodbye in 2015


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