17 Sir Matt Busby Quotes That Every Man Utd Fan Must Read

Matt Busby died 21 years ago today. Here's his words of wisdom.
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Matt Busby died 21 years ago today. Here's his words of wisdom.

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17. "In all modesty, my summing up of 1955-6 and 1956-7 must be that no club in the country could live with Manchester United."

16. On winning the European Cup in 1968: "They’ve done us proud. They came back with all their hearts to show everyone what Manchester United are made of. This is the most wonderful thing that has happened in my life and I am the proudest man in England tonight."

15. "I never wanted Manchester United to be second to anybody. Only the best would be good enough."

14. On young players: "If you don't put them in, you can't know what you've got."

13. "Nobby Stiles a dirty player? No, he's never hurt anyone. Mind you, he's frightened a few!"

12. When Alex Ferguson complained of the press slating him in the newspapers:"Don’t read them then."

11. On George Best: "We had our problems with the wee fella, but I prefer to remember his genius."

10. "Over the years people called several players the new Duncan Edwards...first Dave Mackay, the Bryan Robson. But none of them came close. He was the only player that made me feel inferior."

9. On tactics: "It was a very simple team talk. All I used to say was 'Whenever possible, give the ball to George'"

8. "I do not worry about conceding goals because I know my forwards will double it at the other end."

7. On Best: "He was able to use either foot - sometimes he seemed to have six."

6. At Manchester United we strive for perfection and if we fail we might just have to settle for excellence.

5. On Bobby Charlton: "He was idolised from his twentieth year on."

4. "Winning isn’t everything. There should be no conceit in victory and no despair in defeat."

3. On returning to work after the Munich disaster: "Resting in Interlaken, Germany was one thing and facing Old Trafford another. When I approached the ground and moved over the bridge along which our supporters had squeezed fifty abreast in there tens of thousands to shout for us I could scarcely bear to look. I knew the ghosts of the babes would still be there, and there they are still, and they will always be there as long as those who saw them still cross the bridge, young, gay, red ghosts on the green grass of Old Trafford."

2. Having been offered the Real Madrid job in 1956 and being told that the job would be like 'managing paradise': "Manchester is my Heaven."

1. After the European Cup win: "This is the greatest night of my life, the fulfillment of my dearest wish to become the first English side to win the European Cup. I’m proud of the team, proud for Bobby Charlton and Billy Foulkes, who have travelled the long road with me for the last 11 years."


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