5 Reasons Why Ex-Liverpool Gaffer Rafa Would Be Insane To Join Chelsea

AVB is gone, but surely it would be madness for Benitez to head to Stamford Bridge...
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AVB is gone, but surely it would be madness for Benitez to head to Stamford Bridge...

The Ex-Liverpool man has declared his interest in the role, but the Chelsea job has all the recipes for a grand disaster

Even before news of AVBs inevitable sacking filtered through on Sunday lunchtime, reports stated that Chelsea had met with ex-Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez to sound him out about the job, Whether this reports are true or not, I can't help but think he should avoid the club like the plague. Here's why.


Roman Abramovich

In all areas of his life Abramovich can get instant gratification with a flash of credit card. Apart from football of course. His behaviour towards managers over the last few seasons is nothing more than a succession of highly-public (and expensive) strops when he doesn't get his way. Everyone knows that he craves Champions League success and beautiful football, but how may teams achieve that? Only Barcelona in recent memory have won it by being the best pure footballing side and that comes from decades of building from the bottom and appointing people with emotional ties to the club and an understanding of the shared ethos.

As shown by his attitude towards Hicks and Gilette, Rafa won't take idiocy and interference from above. As stubborn as they come, I can't imagine he'd take one dressing room visit from Abramovich. A disaster waiting to happen.

The Fans

Due to his Liverpool connections and the titanic battles with Mourinho's team, the majority of Chelsea fans cannot stand Rafa. If they are split over the sacking of AVB, more because of the instability rather than because of any love for the man himself, Rafa would be on a hiding to nothing similar to the one he faced when taking over at Inter.

The Players

Until the old guard who helped force AVB out of the club are moved on, any manager who isn't Joe Mourinho or Guus Hiddink faces a massive problem. The players at Chelsea have been allowed to use Machivellian tactics in the dressing room because that is how their owner operates. As a neutral, I thought AVB was being too proud in his refusal to pick Lampard but if he genuinely believed this was the right way forward then he should've been backed. What's more, he probably should've been given an open cheque book last summer and allowed to move players on who didn't fit his vision.

Real Madrid

If Jose Mourinho is to leave the Spanish capital at the end of the season, then the only man who can replace him is Rafa. Despite being top of the Spanish league and still in the Champions League, Mourinho is not beloved like he was at Chelsea and Inter and has apparently signalled his intent to move back to England. Benitez is a dyed-in-the-wool Madrileno and his reputation in Spain, where he won two league titles and a UEFA Cup with Valencia, is untarnished from his spell at Inter.


There is a school of thought that the only job Benitez would take in England would be that of Liverpool. His emotional connection to the club is well-known, he still lives in the area and, although it went sour towards the end, he is still very well thought of by supporters. Behind the cold-fish exterior Rafa cares hugely for the club and it would tale a huge sea change for him to manage Chelsea.

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