7 Reasons Why Defoe To Liverpool Should Never Happen

There are many strikers I'd love to see at Anfield, but Defoe isn't one of them, here's why...
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There are many strikers I'd love to see at Anfield, but Defoe isn't one of them, here's why...


8. He dresses like Oliver Twist after a windfall

Jermain can't get in the Spurs team, Liverpool can't hit a bull's rump with a rickenbacker, so every one is putting two and two together and coming up with 97.653. I can think of a lot of strikers I'd love to see parading around Anfield, Defoe has never been one of them. Here's why.

He only wants to come to increase his chances of making Capello's squad for Euro 2012.

Craig Bellamy returned because he wants to play for the club he loves, and can count himself unlucky that he hasn't been used as a central striker often enough, mainly due to the inability of Henderson and Downing to create chances from wide areas. Defoe, whatever his two spells at Tottenham might allude to, is a footballing mercenary. He wants to play alright, but only for himself. While we might see a quick goal glut, it will be with the sole intention of getting into Fabio's squad.

He's 29.

Although I'm happy to be entering mid-30s, there are parts of my body I wish were still 29, like my ever-expanding waist. However, 29, especially for a striker who relies on pace, is where they begin to cross the rubicon from peak to past it. With little resale value (the club's transfer policy) there is no good reason to sign Defoe. But what about his goals, you say?

He doesn't score enough goals.

A quick glance at Defoe's stats would make you think he is prolific. For spells, he has been, including seven in 15 in the league this season. Yet for a player with limited ability in holding the ball up and creating, he's hardly known as a penalty box loiterer who will get on the end of chances, Defoe is at his best when turning and running at players and is deadly from outside the box. What's more, he has never scored more than 20 league goals in a season for one club.

We need new heroes, we need a player to arrive from the continent with rocket fuel in his boots and a glint in his eye

He wouldn't dovetail with Suarez

What Liverpool need is an out-and-out number 9 who plays constantly on the shoulder and has the ability to stay onside. Any Spurs fan will point to this if pressed. With the attributes I mentioned above, Defoe is more likely to be dropping deep to get the ball and surge at defenders, which we already have in Luis, Bellers and, to a point, Gerrard. The shape of the team has looked cluttered at times this season with no-one really, except Suarez, stretching the play and using the full depth of the pitch. Defoe is not the answer.

He has to be the main man.

A slight extension on the point above but Defoe has only been consistent when he plays every game. 10 years ago he would've been a great signing, but with Suarez certain to start every game when he returns, where does that leave Defoe? He could score 5 in 5 if he signed today but what happens the moment he is benched next to Andy Carroll, the pair of them looking like The Krankies after a swinging session gone wrong?

He can't get in at Spurs

Of the signings made by Comolli and Kenny, only Suarez and Enrique can be considered instant successes. The jury is out on Charlie Adam, The verdict is hanging over Downing and, to a lesser extent, Henderson and the gavel has been hammered regarding Andy Carroll. Spurs are a better team without him in it, which says all you need to know. I understand the concept of buying proven Premier League players, but I don't agree with it. Suarez has taken to it like a duck to water, as would all world-class players.

He's English

I can guarantee that I'm not the only Liverpool fan who wants another global player in at the club. Even if Defoe did do well he'd still be a Spurs player. We need new heroes, we need a player to arrive from the continent with rocket fuel in his boots and a glint in his eye. We need a Gomez (no chance), A Remy (big chance) or someone of that calibre.

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