7 Things We Learnt From Liverpool 2-1 Manchester United

A late goal from Kuyt won it for Liverpool, but beyond the chants and tackles, what else emerged from the FA Cup clash?
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A late goal from Kuyt won it for Liverpool, but beyond the chants and tackles, what else emerged from the FA Cup clash?


5 Things We Learnt From Liverpool v Manchester United

Supporters can be real idiots at times

"Why are the booing Evra," asked one of the kids I was watching the match with. "Because they're idiots," I replied. Plenty of Manchester United fans saw fit to take the moral high-ground on Twitter as others were chanting filth about Hillsborough. It's got to a point now where, if you've got kids, you may as well turn the volume down and not because of the paucity of the commentary. And as for that tool doing Monkey arms at Evra? He should not only be banned for life, but also given a clump round the back of the head from anyone who knows him.

Paul Scholes could play for another five years

It was Phil Neville who tweeted 'young players should watch Scholes constantly looking over his shoulder and how he paints a picture' and it must be the first time I've ever agreed with Fizzer. For vision, economy of movement and accuracy of passing Scholes was a cut above every other player on the park. The beauty of Scholes is that, because of those little looks, he always knows what is going on and gives himself the time to think two, three and four passes ahead. While Manchester United could do with someone world class to play alongside him, Alex Ferguson should do everything in his power to ensure the Ginger Prince stays beyond the end of this season. The difference in United's composure after his removal was marked.

Martin Skrtel is finally the defender he promised to be

Everyone knows that he dines on nails and oil for breakfast, but for his first couple of years at the club he was a 6/10 player in all areas. It has helped, of course, having the pace an assurance of Agger alongside him but he now looks the archetypal rugged stopper. Quick enough to get in front of strikers and recover when the ball is played over him, he's brave, will head the ball all day and is a much better passer of the ball than most people have thought. Limited he might be, but as long as he continues to play to his strengths he could be one of the unsung players of the year.

Rafael could, on this performance, be the right-back Manchester United are crying out for

Although he still gets caught diving in, Rafael look much more composed than usual today. His quality going forward has never been in doubt but he marshalled whoever came down his flank, be it Downing, Gerrard or Henderson, with aplomb. For once he looked part of a defensive unit, rather than a stray spare part flapping in the wind.

Jamie Carragher isn't a midfielder.

But then we all knew that, didn't we?

Martin Kelly needs to decide his best position

Caught napping far too often, Kelly looked a completely different player to the assured full-back we have seen before. Perhaps overawed by the occasion, he was often out of position, poor in possession and indecisive. There has been talk that he will end up at centre-half. If that is the case, Liverpool should loan him out to someone and state that he has to play there.

Valencia is Manchester United's best winger

Like a Beckham with pace, Valencia does the simple things brilliantly. Push it past your man and cross it is his mantra, and he also offers protection in defence. Enrique has been great all season, yet today was second best to the ex Wigan player. One of United's most consistent players of the season and one who would make Liverpool a much more dangerous side.

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