Adam Johnson Turns Out To Be A Really Common Name

How much does it cost to change your name?
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How much does it cost to change your name?

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So you’ve heard the news about Adam Johnson, right? Yep, so has everyone else and they went straight on Twitter to let him know what they thought.

The only problem is that it turns out that there’s loads of Adam Johnson’s on Twitter and also a lot of quite stupid/childish people on Twitter.

Adam Johnson the footballer goes by the difficult-to-remember handle of @AJohno_11 and understandably hasn’t been particularly active over the past few days. He’s still quite easy to find though and the picture of him in a Sunderland kit, blue tick and 195,000 followers make it pretty clear that it’s the real deal.

Of course, this hasn’t stopped folk bothering entire innocent people called Adam Johnson (that’s not to say that the footballer Adam Johnson isn’t innocent, but these people are at least innocent of being arrested and playing for Sunderland).

Here’s a load of Adam Johnson-named Twitter users trying to make it clear that they aren’t that Adam Johnson.


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