Arsenal End of Term Report: Mind The Gap Spurs

Despite the disastrous start we improved on last season's position and rubbed our neighbours noses in the dirt. Not a bad campaign considering.
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Despite the disastrous start we improved on last season's position and rubbed our neighbours noses in the dirt. Not a bad campaign considering.


The ‘I f*cking love this game’ highlight of the season?

Four moments spring to mind. Going to Chelsea and scoring five, with John Terry face down in the grass. Putting another five past Spurs to end their 'title challenge'(eh!) and kick start their annual wobble. Milan at home was almost magical.

The one moment which was beyond fairytale was Thierry Henry scoring the winning goal against Leeds upon his return. It was more than football. The returning King writing and performing his own script. Looking back now it seems more like a dream. There aren't many goals which still get me standing on my seat. I climbed to the advantage point to see the legend wheeling away in uncontrolled delight, as his public exploded with joy. How often do goose bumps shiver through your body as something happens, rather than when you look back on them?

The season ticket shredding moment?

Blackburn away just eclipses conceding  eight at United. It was the time I questioned Arsene more than I ever have before, as the remote control flew across the room and dented the wall. A now permanent reminder of our lows. Such collapses have been too frequent against poor sides, none poorer than Steve Kean's Blackburn. It felt stupidly pointless celebrating an Arsenal goal as one at the other end would follow more times than not.

Moment that just about summed it all up?

Drawing 3-3 at home to Norwich when a win seemed vital to guarantee Champions League football. Again, celebrating an Arsenal goal was followed by commiserating one gifted to an opponent. One nil up, two one down, three two up with minutes left. Only Arsenal could concede again.

Got the right manager?

Yes. Still. A horrific summer in terms of transfers in and out of the club carried through to the start of the season and out onto the pitch. Disconcerting voices grew amongst the Arsenal faithful during our worse start to a season in 56 years. Yet the high points outweighed the lows sufficiently enough to see us secure third place and Champions League football again, and despite  loosing Cesc and Nasri we actually improved our final league position in comparison to last season.

Player of the season?

Robin Van Persie. It's all been said. Koscielny comes in at second and secures the most improved player of the season.

What would you change next term if you were the gaffer?

Strengthen in the summer and shift those who are not good enough for Arsenal Football Club, even if that means taking a loss financially.

Podolski should help share the goal scoring load with Van Perise, as long as the German was brought in to compliment, rather than replace. This should also allow us to switch to 4-4-2 in order to adjust to a games needs, rather than stagnate at 4-3-3 going nowhere.

We also need to add defensive discipline through coaching, as individually we are strong at the back, but often the collective is weak.

A defensive midfielder is needed to offer Alex Song completion, and perhaps allow him to drift forward on occasions without affecting the balance of the side.

Which player would you like to sign?

Robin Van Persie.

Best goal?

Robin Van Persie against Everton.

Biggest tosser?

Joe Jordan and Harry Redknapp are runners up, not least for their behaviour in the away dug out at the Emirates, as they attempted to get people thrown out and/or start a fight, just because a select few were barking impersonations of the much missed Rosie 47. She was more than a dog.

The winner of tosser of the year has to be John Terry. His alleged charge now followed by the most repulsive show of me, me, me since he rearranged the order of penalties in the Moscow final in the hope of scoring the winning pen himself. I actually called his public display of self affection a week before it happened. What kind of self obsessed idiot dresses in full kit under his tracksuit in order to strip off once his team mates had secured the holy grail of Champions League football? His team mates did the job in Munich, as they had in the Camp Nou when their captain lead by example and got himself sent off.

In years to come when ghastly pictures of Chelsea lifting the Champions League trophy show Terry in his kit, he'd hope you were fooled enough to think he played. Forget not that he did f**k all when it really mattered.

For balance, well done Frank Lampard.

Best chant?

Various visiting fans of lower teams at the Emirates singing "how s**t must you be, we're winning away". By Wigan, amongst others.

Player’s tweet of the season?

Santos "thank you gays".

Best laugh you had all season?

The turnaround against Spurs. Watching them collapse and seeing the fans who managed to stay to the end departing whilst displaying seven fingers to reflect the gap that still existed. Ignorant and blissfully unaware that '5' shown on one hand and '2' on the other they were also confirming how much they'd just been pummelled by. Mind the gap.

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