Arsenal Fan Confesses Love For Spurs Super-Hero Christian Eriksen

Love thy little Danish enemies.
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Love thy little Danish enemies.

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Arsenal Fan Confesses Love For Spurs Super-Hero Christian Eriksen

Christian Dannemann Eriksen, a middle-name that rightfully provides a slight heroic personification to his character. Dannemann directly translates into English as "dweller near the pine tree," which in its own liberal way exudes the articulacy we know him for. Though, from an English perspective, we no doubt see it as on obviously enunciated superhero tag.

The more you look into Christian Eriksen, the more sui generis finds you'll come across - but so beautifully intertwining. Eriksen was born on the 14th February - Valentine's Day. What more can be said to reason for one's enthralling adoration for a player than that individual's romance? And as by fans' perception, there's no more amorous a type of player, than that of a number 10.

Finally adding to this cauldron of heroic arousal, Christian Eriksen completes his character of well-rounded kookiness being born in a tidy little town on an island in central Denmark - Middelfart. There's a very cemented embodiment of immature giggles and occupational cartoon mediocrity to the name and situation of the town. Continuing in this superfluous lineage, Eriksen's reputation brings pride to the humble people of Middelfart.

Yet, 'Dannemann's' likeability doesn't end there - these traits and his entrancing individuality continue onto the pitch.

Christian Eriksen, by the time of his 23rd birthday, has won more than just a handful of prestigious awards and noteworthy titles - although, predominantly from Ajax and the Eredivisie. However, winning talent of the future, year and so on numerous times, no matter where from, shouldn't go unnoticed.

More than just an idol at Ajax, Christian Eriksen was the centrepiece to three back-to-back Eredivisie titles. It got to the point, where it does for every superhero - it's time to put your powers to use on a larger scale. Enter the Premier League.


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Now, before we talk of his Premier League standing, it's common knowledge that in every strip of romance or superhero existence, that the main character has a turn for the worse and chooses the wrong side. It's bound to happen, the story wouldn't be enticing enough if there wasn't some irrationally dishonourable behaviour from the main character.

Christian Eriksen signed for Tottenham in 2013. Yuck.

During his first campaign at White Hart Lane, Eriksen was obviously hindered by the overpowering thoughts of goodness to restrict the greatness of his performances to a minimum. No doubt due to his unwillingness to cooperate with Tim Sherwood. At least there's that on his side.

But now, with Mauricio Pochettino at the helm of the Lilywhites, the dark temptations have closed in. By the beginning of Ferbuary, Eriksen and his side-kick Harry Kane had earned Tottenham 28 points - just the two of them.

It's the point of the story where the 'baddies' are winning plenty of battles (although we know they'll lose the war). Christian Eriksen having scored a handful of last-gasp winners, and some in sublime form, giving Tottenham an edge to creep forward into the sacred turf of Champions League qualification (again, as clichés go, we know they won't make it).

Despite his current state of affairs, his overwhelming like-ability continues to pierce the chastity belt to our hearts. A free-kick is given to Tottenham on the edge of the box, the ball is in the possession of Eriksen's gentle grasp - there's not a soul in the world who could willingly wish it doesn't go in. And no matter hard you may wish, eight times out of ten, it probably will. A swirling, mesmerising, unstoppable flight into the top corner of the goal, rippling the net. And as he waltzes off in egotistical, arms-flung-out fashion, you're now standing in your living room, having leaped off the edge of your seat, nodding your head in acknowledgement of his pristine, amorous, and damn it, heroic super-ability.

Let's not forget, no superhero stays in their mismatched allegiances for long.