Even Arsenal Fans Can't Help But Laugh At Arsenal Right Now

As an Arsenal fan, life can't be too easy right now. But look on the bright side: you might be the laughing stock of the league, but at least you can take the banter in your stride.
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As an Arsenal fan, life can't be too easy right now. But look on the bright side: you might be the laughing stock of the league, but at least you can take the banter in your stride.


As an Arsenal fan it’s been hard enough trying to stomach Wenger’s recent antics let alone putting them on a stage for all to laugh at. In the Frenchman’s eyes the pound is probably still stronger than it was before the Eurozone crisis, either that or he’s seriously miscalculated the exchange rate. If a lack of silverware has tarnished our reputation then a mythological transfer window has covered it in cat litter and thrown it into the Thames with a “thanks for the memories” note signed Highbury.

With the ‘Wenger Out’ campaign in full force and a reminder from Villa that yes, we’ve definitely cocked this one up impending doom is probable. But dread aside, you have to admit, that the banter has been hilarious, even for a Gooner.

It all started with our bid for Suarez, which for Arsenal fans wasn’t actually very funny, mainly because we wanted to sign him. Wenger’s decision to add a paltry pound onto a £40m bid was met with confusion and laughter. You can almost imagine that if the transfers were settled in Borough Market Wenger would have adopted the tactical walk away from the stall in the hope that Brendan Rodgers would be calling down the street after him and his pound.


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Funny-O-Meter - Arsenal fans: 0/10 Rest of the world: 7/10

The next chapter in the Arsenal tragedy was our 3-1 defeat to Villa, admittedly for an Arsenal fan, this wasn’t that funny. The game aside though the slight bit of humour you could take from the game was the fans making their opinions heard. Chants of “spend some f**king money” and the deadpan faces on middle aged blokes holding A3 placards saying: “SPEND SPEND SPEND!” Of course the protest wasn’t intended to be funny and was a reflection of the frustration that we’ve felt this summer. Disappointment aside, I did get a bit of a giggle from seeing middle aged men directing A3 placards at Arsene Wenger. If you’re anything like me being able to chant “spend some f**king money” without bursting into laughter must have been a mean feat.

Funny-O-Meter – Arsenal fans: 4/10 Rest of the world: 8/10

Then came the inevitable Twitter abuse, the modern day piss taker’s medium of choice when it comes to football. Twitter has been awash with comedy gold as every Wenger parody and sport banter account in the land took the Michael in 140 characters or less. My personal favourite came from the ever reliable BBC SPORF: “Retweet this if you’ve spent more money this weekend then Arsene Wenger has all summer.” As well as that there have been countless pictures of Wenger spotted out and about spending money on things like bread, just in proof was ever needed proof that he does in fact buys things. Alongside that Wenger’s face has been used to flog the McDonald’s Pound Saver menu and our transfer bids have taken the form of a jar of pennies. Is there a Guinness World Record for most people laughing at Arsenal at once?

Funny-O-Meter - anyone with a sense of humour: 10/10

Football is a game of passion, heartbreak and euphoria. Designer suits can get ruined and careers can end in an instant, the stakes have never been so high for everyone and this season matters more than ever. Thankfully it can also be bloody hilarious at times, unless you hold a season ticket at The Emirates.