Arsenal: Rodgers Is A Joke, Rooney Would Push Us To The Title...

We still need a striker, but Olivier Giroud should improve in his second season. Oh, and can we ditch self-elected greatest striker ever Nicklas Bendtner please?
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We still need a striker, but Olivier Giroud should improve in his second season. Oh, and can we ditch self-elected greatest striker ever Nicklas Bendtner please?


Arsenal: Rodgers Is A Joke, Rooney Would Push Us To The Title...

Pre season: Good, bad or ugly?

On balance this has been one of our better summers. We’ve got rid of a lot of deadwood, the club has been pretty ruthless disposing of Arshavin, Squillaci, Gervinho and a lot of reserve team players and while we’ve not made a marquee signing (yet) it is worth mentioning this is the first season for a while we’ve not sold our best players. I think all England fans should be excited that Jack Wilshere has got a whole pre-season beneath him as well.

However the booing of Higuain during the Emirates Cup and a late Drogba winner should be a reminder to the Club that a) we need a quality striker and b) a lack of progress will not be tolerated this season.

Running Man was probably the highlight though.

Hopes for the season:

Arsene Wenger to silence the doubters.

Fears for the season:

Not signing anyone, losing the Champions League playoff and then losing our next game to Sp*rs at home all by 1 September with the manager’s contract up in June could be the end of him.


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Absolute bare minimum you’ll accept:

We are the only top 4 club to keep their manager, finished with momentum and an unusually excellent defensive record last season. Oh, and did you hear we’ve got a bit of cash in our pocket? The club have set a level of expectation in the media (I’m looking at you Ivan) and there are very few excuses the fans will put up with this time round.

I have high hopes but realistically I think making up a 16 point difference is too big a jump to make in one season to be able to challenge for the title. The fans are owed a decent cup run after last season’s losses to Blackburn and Bradford.

A clear signal of intent in the transfer market and a reduced points deficit in the league would be acceptable.

Fixture you’re most looking forward to?

None stand out if I’m honest, but I despise Newcastle, Liverpool and Stoke’s managers. Mourinho at the Bridge is appetising, but I think we play them at home first, and United are a different prospect with Moyes in charge now. We haven’t beaten them for a while either and my best mate is a United fan. 30 years of pain coming your way pal!

Got the right manager?

We have the longest-serving and most successful manager in the league, so the answer should be an instant yes. However for those same reasons the answer could also be no. But because there is no better replacement, yes.

By Christmas you’ll be…

In the top 4, cruising in mediocrity.

Player you’d most like to sign?

Higua... oh, er, any f***ing decent striker will do. I’d love us to sign Rooney. With Vermaelen injured a centre half is badly needed and I think we need a keeper as well.

Our Board could do with a kick up the arse as well. I don’t think the two are issues unrelated. We’ve lost Dein, Fiszman and Carr and are left with a lot of old, white men who I don’t think put enough pressure on Wenger and who themselves don’t suffer enough scrutiny for a PLC so large.

Which player should we look out for?

Olivier Giroud. With 17 goals last season I hope he’ll have an even better second season. I hope Koscielny gets the praise he deserves as well.

Serge Gnabry and Gedion Zelalem are the younger guys to keep an eye on in the Capital One Cup.

Which player would you love to ditch?

TGSTEL (The Greatest Striker That Ever Lived – Nickas Bendtner)

Opposition hate figure?

Mark Hughes and Alan Pardew p*ss me off and I’m over Nasri and Van Persie, Cole etc.

Being told we don’t have class by a man who has a picture of himself in his kitchen and who is employed by a club who support a racist is a bit much to take though.

Tell us something we don’t know about your club?

It’s 52 years, 3 months and counting...

What won’t happen this season?

Tottenham winning the League.

Favourite chant?

“Ohhh, Santi Cazorla...”

Where will you finish?

3rd behind Chelsea and City.

Any other news?

As a football fan and not just an Arsenal supporter I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in Europe this year. The wealth of the French clubs, perceived decline of Spanish football, continuation of German dominance and Moyes, Pellegrini and Mourinho at new clubs are all interesting stories waiting to happen.

I despise England but I don’t think any football fan cannot look forward to a World Cup in Brazil with some enthusiasm.


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