Arsenal's English Golden Boy Is On Man City's Wanted List

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Union Jack.

Arsenal's English Golden Boy Is On Man City's Wanted List

Manchester City are desperate to fill their homegrown quota with real quality and Jack Wilshere is top of their list according to the Daily Star. Others on City's list include Everton's Ross Barkley and West Ham's Aaron Cresswell.

23-year-old Wilshere has a history of injury and has really struggled to stay fit for a long enough period of time to truly return to or even reach the peak of his powers. Even though his development has been stunted, he is still young enough that his potential is huge. He had a good run at the beginning of this campaign with the Gunners, scoring against the interested party in the 2-2 draw with City. He also put in some fine performances in a deeper playmaking role for England, which shows his versatility and and a more subtle side to his game.

Despite Manchester City having a history of signing players from Arsenal in recent years, the North London side are longer trying to recoup cash and therefore have no motive to sell their English knight in shining armour. Although it could be argued that Wilshere may be better off playing somewhere where the pressure is lessened, he likely won't find that in England.

Another factor to take into consideration is that Wilshere does really love Arsenal and Arsenal, namely Arsene Wenger, really loves him. There's a slim chance that either the player or the club will actually be willing to make a deal with City, but the seemingly bottomless pit of money that the Manchester side have access to can't be underestimated. Just how desperate are they?


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