Aston Villa: Lambert Needs To Grow A Pair And Force Lerner To Open His Wallet

Because if he doesn't I might havre to chuck myself off the tallest building in Birmingham...
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Because if he doesn't I might havre to chuck myself off the tallest building in Birmingham...


Where’s the tallest building in Birmingham? I’m glad I haven’t found one tall enough to do any significant damage yet, but watching Aston Villa every week has made me up my pursuit to find one that will.

‘Underwear sales went through the roof last today after hundreds of thousands of football fans simultaneously pissed their pants last night’ was yet another HILARIOUS text I received after the debacle on Tuesday night.

Speaking as an Aston Villa fan its easy to tell supporters of rival clubs how unlucky we have been, how we didn’t deserve to lose last week or how things are going to turn around. I think its time we all stopped kidding ourselves. We are doomed, and after the Capital One Cup performance against Bradford I’d be surprised if even the players show up for Saturday’s FA Cup tie away at Millwall, let alone any supporters.


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Randy Learner’s vision of “sustaining” a football club is clearly his way of saying to Paul Lambert “stop spending my money.” As far as I’m concerned its time for American business men to stop wasting their time trying to make money out of our beloved Premier League teams, and start destroying the sports that they invented, if you can even call baseball a sport. It's rounders with a bigger bat.

Until these fools realize how football is more than just a game for the thousands of fans that pay ridiculous amounts of money to watch their teams week in week out then clubs like Villa are resigned to the inevitable relegation battle that will eventually see them disappear from the Premier League. But who cares right? Its not like Randy Learner cares what happens as long as he doesn’t have to put any more money into the club. Its not like we have just been knocked out of the Capital One Cup by a team three divisions lover than us, and its not like we are hovering one point above the relegation zone. Oh wait Randy, yes that’s right we are.

Now I’m not saying that Villa should be winning the Premier League, but we sure as hell shouldn’t be in the predicament we are in now. Our ever-present record in the top flight is surely coming to an end thanks to a chairman too concerned with his own cash rather than the football club he should be investing it in. I know injuries have played a part in the results this season, but there’s only so long you can use that as an excuse for. Its time for Paul Lambert to grow a set and demand so investment for the sake of Aston Villa Football Club, if not for his own personal pride. So come on Randy its time to pull your head out from up your ass as well as your checkbook and sort our club out!