Blackpool End Of Season Report: Give Olly The Money For Wilson, Dobbie And Butterfield

The season might have ended in heartbreak but we've been great to watch again and will be one of the favourites come August...
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The season might have ended in heartbreak but we've been great to watch again and will be one of the favourites come August...


Blackpool End Of Season Report

The ‘I f*cking love this game’ highlight of the season?

There are tons of them from this season, the 5-0 win away at Leeds, the 3-0 win over Southampton at home, the 3-0 win over Burnley at home. However, the best moment of the season was the away performance at Birmingham to secure our place at Wembley. Oh and the trip and day out at Wembley was a bit special too.

The season ticket shredding moment?

Not many really, but the defeat at Burnley was hard to take as well as the complete nonsense coming out of the Oyston money affair.

Moment that just about summed it all up?

The play off final. Some great play on the ball, great chances, strong signs of a definite growth and improvement, but ultimately lacking composure and clinical behaviour at the critical moments. Small margins and all that.

Got the right manager?

Without a doubt, Holloway is a cracking manager and has built another side that everyone at Blackpool can be mightily proud of. If he stays and is given what he’d like then that would be superb. If he wishes to leave, then we handle the change and grow again.

Player of the season?

Matt Gilks has been outstanding in goal, he has made saves this season that made the jaw drop.

Everton managed to throw out an intriguing cheese, leek and potato number, which was a pleasant surprise

What would you change next term if you were the gaffer?

Not much really, maintain the side we have is a priority. Keep the hard work going on the defensive aspect as that had clear benefits towards the back end of the season. Perhaps make a couple of the loan players permanent. Perhaps consider signing a centre half with slightly better anticipation and positional awareness and move Alex Baptiste to right back where arguably he is a better player.

Which player would you like to sign?

There’s lots of talent around, I enjoy the abilities of James Chester from Hull and Jacob Butterfield from Barnsley. However, it’s likely that their next moves are to the Premier League. Stephen Dobbie on a permanent transfer would be nice, as would Danny Wilson who has also been on loan.

Best goal?

Probably Gary Taylor Fletcher’s goal against Hull on the first day of the season. Sums everything up about a wonderful footballer.

Biggest t*sser?

Football is full of them, too many to name. Tossers own and run clubs, and generally employ tossers as managers who then sign players who are tossers. It’s rare that clubs break the chain, although there are some good examples out there.

Best away pub?

Being a ‘non-drinker’ for a few years now, the allure of the pub has diminished. Have frequented a few over the season and most of them have been standard fayre with faint whiffs of TCP and misery.

Best pie?

Being vegetarian pies are generally off the menu, most places claim to have run out of cheese pies upon a request being lodged and those that have them are generally bearable, but ultimately shite. However, Everton managed to throw out an intriguing cheese, leek and potato number, which was a pleasant surprise.

Best chant?

Coming across as a bit of a bore (or a well balanced human being), but I’m not really one for chanting. I accept it’s a part of the game. However, the goading style of some chants I find incongruous and the ubiquitous nonsensical ‘banter’ people spout smacks of insecurity; and of the type of fear that breeds racist, homophobic and sexist attitudes/behaviours that are prevalent within the game.

Player’s tweet of the season?

Angel Martinez (@Angel31Martinez) has a back catalogue of brilliant tweets and is a must follow for all Blackpool fans. His energy and enthusiasm come across in every tweet as well as his eagerness to learn the English language. Oh and did I mention he tweets his girlfriend's blog about food too?

Best laugh you had all season?

Probably the persistent lack of a side burn to adorn Nigel Pearson’s chops. Graham Westley and Steve Cotterill seem to be rather similar and this feature tends to centre on the manager who has affection for the military. The lack of side burn is unforgivable if it’s a defined choice. If however, it’s to make up for a shaving incident then fine, cover it up by levelling them off. But if you chose to take ‘the burn’ to the match the height of the top of the ear then you either need help with shaving, your hairstyle choices your eyes, your sense of perception or all of the above.

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