Cameron Supports Aston Villa, Miliband Follows Leeds, Glory Hunter Clegg Watches Arsenal

Turns out Ed's not a Red.
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Turns out Ed's not a Red.

They say you can tell a lot about a man by the team they support and that’s certainly true of our political leaders.

Prime Minister David Cameron is an Aston Villa fan and is probably the only one who sympathises with Randy Lerner’s long-standing austerity programme. He also has plenty in common with Villa manager Tim Sherwood - always ready to take credit when things go right, while disassociating himself from any problems.

His main opponent Ed Miliband is a long-suffering Leeds United supporter. Such dedication to lost causes surely makes him a perfect candidate to lead the Labour Party and suffer long spells in the wilderness.

Nick Clegg is the only political leader who supports a Champions League team but rather appropriately, follows the one that rarely wins anything. A regular at Arsenal, Clegg is nevertheless willing to lend his support to the Blues (Chelsea) or Reds (Manchester United) should they need it.

Finally we have Nigel Farage, a Crystal Palace fan. The South East London side have never played in Europe and have a tradition of giving plenty of employment opportunities to British workers. 


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