Can Wigan Get Out Of Jail Against Arry's Tottenham Hotspur?

They’ve lost five of their last six and are bottom of the league, surely Wigan are there for the taking, aren’t they?
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They’ve lost five of their last six and are bottom of the league, surely Wigan are there for the taking, aren’t they?



It’s been a strange couple of weeks for Tottenham. Just as we’d won our much vaunted game in hand, got within touching distance of the Premier League leaders and were being thought of as genuine title challengers we go an pick up one point from our next two games. Granted one of those games was the moral victory against City but our high standing in the ‘should of happened’ league won’t be worth a hill of beans come May. Now we go into tonight’s clash needing to get back to winning ways if we are to re-ignite our rapidly fading title hopes or more realistically consolidate our Champions League spot.

On the face of it we couldn’t have hand picked a better fixture. There are no easy games in this league but Wigan at home should be one of them. The Latics have lost their last four, have only won two on the road this season and currently prop up the table as the Premier League basement team. But I’ve been watching this game far to long to accept this is a forgone conclusion. Wigan doesn’t habitually stay up by accident. Just when you think you’ve got the measure of them they’ll go and piddle on your parade. Basically as an opposition fan Wigan can’t be trusted. They’re the sort of side who’ll lose to lower league opposition in the cup then beat a top four team. Be cut adrift at the bottom of the league then win four on the bounce. They’ve easily got it in them to ruin a big guns season, just ask Arsenal.

Wigan easily have it in them to ruin a big gun's season, just ask Arsenal.

Our recent history with Wigan is similarly unpredictable. A couple of seasons ago we spanked them 9-1 at home, the next time they came to the Lane they beat us one nil. If there was any logic to how the Lactics will fair you’d expect us to go and beat them heavily again this year but that sounds like a pattern so cannot be the case.

Everything about this fixture points to a home win. Tottenham’s ruthless dismissal of lower half teams at home versus Wigan’s dodgy away form. Spurs have doubts over the fitness of Bale, King, Defoe and Lennon but Wigan will be missing key men Mohamed Diame and Antolin Alcaraz. Tottenham are nine points and two positions better off than at this stage last season, Wigan are seven points and three positions worse off after 22 games than last year…

The list goes on but there’s a nagging voice in the back of my head that won’t allow me to believe we’re guaranteed three points. That voice is my inner Spurs fan. The superstitious, panicky, idiot who will never let me believe we’re as good as we clearly are. So my head and heart predict a comfortable home win tonight but the voices in my head will be happy with a point.

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