Carlos Tevez: Why I Don't Want City's Mercenary At Liverpool

There was a time I'd have fancied Carlos at Anfield, but not at 29 with a questionable attitude...
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There was a time I'd have fancied Carlos at Anfield, but not at 29 with a questionable attitude...


Carlos Tevez: Why I Don't Want City's Mercenary At Liverpool...

So the merry go round rolls on and the four thousand and twenty third player to be linked with Liverpool this summer is Carlos Tevez.

There was a time, not so long ago, when the link with the Argentinean forward would have delighted me, would have delighted all Liverpudlians; the chance to link him with his compatriot Javier Mascherano would have been something that we would have jumped at. When he left United and joined City we would have been delighted to see him at Anfield.

But now? Not so much.

The idea of recruiting Tevez as a replacement for the (let's not beat round the bush on this) soon to depart Luis Suarez has its benefits; a dynamic forward, a marquee signing for his name alone, knowledge of the premiership, the probability of goals. It's just that you can't shake the feeling that, wherever he goes, Tevez carries far too much baggage with him. He appears to have been settled at City for the last season but it's not that long since he decided to go home for a little break mid season (play a little golf, see the family, that kind of thing) having decided that he could no longer tolerate life in England. How long until he decides to repeat to repeat this last minute vacation? Liverpool and Manchester may have their differences but I would imagine that Carlos is aware that they're still in the same country.

There's also his profile to look at. £8m for a 29 year old on ridiculously high wages is not the way that FSG do business. Don't let the signing of Kolo Toure convince you otherwise; a free transfer for an experienced central defender, a captain wherever he's played, a leader who will know that he's been signed as a squad player is an intelligent piece of business but it's a valuable exception to Liverpool's transfer policy. The club's approach will remain focused on players such as Coutinho, Aspas, Ilori; ability, technique, youthful promise, a team ethic. The big money will be used (hopefully) for the likes of Henrikh Mkhitaryan; at 24 the free scoring Armenian midfielder is entering his prime years, at 29 and a forward, Tevez has his best years behind him.


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The fact that Liverpool have offered speedy rebuttals to the reports saying that they are wide of the mark will hold no sway with the press, this is the type of story that they love to run with during the silly season whether there is any basis in fact or not.

We will need another forward, that much is obvious; Sturridge veers between incredible and ineffectual with no apparent middle ground, Borini has yet to show his worth and Aspas will take time to settle. A Tevez style player would be a fantastic option; offer me a 24 year old freshly arrived Carlos Tevez and I would gladly rip your arm off but a 29 year old on £200,000 per week with a track record of disrupting the club mid season?

No thanks, not for me.

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