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Carlos Tevez: Why I Don't Want City's Mercenary At Liverpool

by Ian Salmon
8 June 2013 17 Comments

There was a time I'd have fancied Carlos at Anfield, but not at 29 with a questionable attitude...



Carlos Tevez: Why I Don’t Want City’s Mercenary At Liverpool…

So the merry go round rolls on and the four thousand and twenty third player to be linked with Liverpool this summer is Carlos Tevez.

There was a time, not so long ago, when the link with the Argentinean forward would have delighted me, would have delighted all Liverpudlians; the chance to link him with his compatriot Javier Mascherano would have been something that we would have jumped at. When he left United and joined City we would have been delighted to see him at Anfield.

But now? Not so much.

The idea of recruiting Tevez as a replacement for the (let’s not beat round the bush on this) soon to depart Luis Suarez has its benefits; a dynamic forward, a marquee signing for his name alone, knowledge of the premiership, the probability of goals. It’s just that you can’t shake the feeling that, wherever he goes, Tevez carries far too much baggage with him. He appears to have been settled at City for the last season but it’s not that long since he decided to go home for a little break mid season (play a little golf, see the family, that kind of thing) having decided that he could no longer tolerate life in England. How long until he decides to repeat to repeat this last minute vacation? Liverpool and Manchester may have their differences but I would imagine that Carlos is aware that they’re still in the same country.

There’s also his profile to look at. £8m for a 29 year old on ridiculously high wages is not the way that FSG do business. Don’t let the signing of Kolo Toure convince you otherwise; a free transfer for an experienced central defender, a captain wherever he’s played, a leader who will know that he’s been signed as a squad player is an intelligent piece of business but it’s a valuable exception to Liverpool’s transfer policy. The club’s approach will remain focused on players such as Coutinho, Aspas, Ilori; ability, technique, youthful promise, a team ethic. The big money will be used (hopefully) for the likes of Henrikh Mkhitaryan; at 24 the free scoring Armenian midfielder is entering his prime years, at 29 and a forward, Tevez has his best years behind him.


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The fact that Liverpool have offered speedy rebuttals to the reports saying that they are wide of the mark will hold no sway with the press, this is the type of story that they love to run with during the silly season whether there is any basis in fact or not.

We will need another forward, that much is obvious; Sturridge veers between incredible and ineffectual with no apparent middle ground, Borini has yet to show his worth and Aspas will take time to settle. A Tevez style player would be a fantastic option; offer me a 24 year old freshly arrived Carlos Tevez and I would gladly rip your arm off but a 29 year old on £200,000 per week with a track record of disrupting the club mid season?

No thanks, not for me.

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JC23 11:25 am, 8-Jun-2013

Good job he's far too good to play for such an irrelevant mid-table side then, eh?

Chip 11:34 am, 8-Jun-2013

One way of guaranteeing another mid-table season I suppose. Tevez has another 3 to 4 years of top 4 football in him, easy.

Bill 11:35 am, 8-Jun-2013

I have to agree wholeheartedly with your article which basically says the same as I have been posting since this story was first aired by the Daily Mirror, who've been at the root of every bit of mischief regarding Liverpool. I can't understand why they have joined the ranks of the Sun and Mail in their determination to destroying LFC. More galling since they wouldn’t be still printing had the Liverpool Echo not rescued them, and now the Echo is to all intents and purposes a Manchester paper.

Kevin McDonald's perm 11:38 am, 8-Jun-2013

Liverpool, the same as all clubs sitting beneath the top 5, will take what ever they can get. Long gone are the days that we jump on the moral high ground and decide who we want to be our heros. The club's in a mess that we're not going to get out of for decades. Our favourite player (Suarez) is a hideous racist that doesn't want to play for us and all our signings this summer will consist of the scraps left or cast by 'the big clubs'. The scary thing is the longer the slump goes on the more diluted our pool of foreign fans and the finance they provide will become. I personally, at the moment, would more than welcome Tevez to join me at the weekend at Anfield

HeavyRiffs 11:39 am, 8-Jun-2013

The City mercenary eh, 58 goals in 107 appearances, 97 starts, having been at the club for four years. He fell out with Manchester, not the club, or England. Doesn't matter though, we won't sell him to any team that will be challenging for the league, so you might be in with a chance for him.

HeavyRiffs 11:40 am, 8-Jun-2013

*Fell out with Mancini even.

mm 11:40 am, 8-Jun-2013

Carlos Tevez has improved each season he has been at City. I expect him to be better again next season. He is a professional footballer. That means, just like every other professional footballer in the country, he plays football for money. It seems that you think only Manchester City pay money to footballers for their services. Either that, or your jealousy makes you trot out the usual cliches associated with City. I suspect it is the latter.

Gutteral_slur 11:46 am, 8-Jun-2013

Anyone who uses the word mercenary when referring to a PROFESSIONAL footballer is clearly in need of psychiatric help. He always gives his all on the pitch which is much more than I can say for your team of wasters and posers. Liverpool haven't a hope in hell of signing such a top talent. Stick with mega stars like Carroll, Allen, Downing, Shelvey and Henderson. No wonder England are so ordinary with players coming from your at best mid table club.

Alan 12:15 pm, 8-Jun-2013

Why the hell would Tevez sign for Liverpool? I don't get it they cannot attract players like that. Delusions of grandeur me thinks!

Macca 12:29 pm, 8-Jun-2013

Why would Tevez want to leave City for the Pool? Liverpool can't even get Europa!

Lee 12:50 pm, 8-Jun-2013

Haha why would he join Liverpool? More chance of Everton getting him as they at least challenge the big 4,

remand 12:56 pm, 8-Jun-2013

Id just like to say why we are going for mkhitrayan. we could get taarabt as a cheaper alternative for $9 million. also aspas could be simlar to Franco di santo who we can get for free

Bewarethemoon 2:14 pm, 8-Jun-2013

You are seriously deluded if you're calling Tevez a mercenary, he's been possibly the most committed player for City over the past few seasons, and has dragged the whole side thru games on multiple occasions with his drive and force of will. He'd want to conclude his career at a top side, not a middling one in terminal nosedive, so if he leaves, he'll go to a club with CL football, exactly the same reason Saurez wants out...

CarlitoBrigante 2:16 pm, 8-Jun-2013

Clearly you don't watch Tevez - he's a class above and there is no question whatsoever of his commitment when he crosses the white line... my only criticism is he tends to drop deep searching for the ball if he's not getting service... he would grace any premiership side bar none (including City) and will do for at least another 3-4 years

Elaye 4:20 pm, 8-Jun-2013

Carlos tevez can be a good signing to liverpool fc.

Feed the Goat 4:40 pm, 8-Jun-2013

Ian Salmon, don't lose sleep about Tevez going to Liverpool. A mid table team without Champions League and its debatable that you could afford the fee never mind the wages. Dream on. Tevez will finish his playing career in Argentina where his profile with the fans is bigger than Messi.

Wigan Blue 10:19 pm, 8-Jun-2013

Seriously doubt that even City at our most typical would sell a proven goalscorer to any Premiership team. But notwithstanding that, Mr Salmon hasn't even mentioned the main reason why Liverpool shouldn't be considering him. One word - Koorabchian...

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