Chelsea: Gary Neville Tweets Sense Over Matic Red Card Incident

Not everybody's disappointed...
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Not everybody's disappointed...

Gary Neville is fast becoming the nation's favourite pundit, gaining a reputation for talking sense regardless of club, something surprisingly rare among the media's football reporters.

This morning he gave his opinion on the Matic red card incident at Chelsea's game with Burnley yesterday. The Chelsea man saw red after a career threatening tackle from Barnes, retaliating and pushing the Burnley man to the ground. Mourinho said he would have to "use words he cannot use" to describe the incident.

Referee Martin Atkinson has drawn widespread criticism over this and a number of decisions in the game, only fuelling Mourihno's theory that there's an industry bias against Chelsea. Even Alan Shearer backed him up on MOTD last night.

So what now for the FA? If they fail to act it looks worse on them, especially after the Diego Costa incident. What do you think Chelsea fans? Let us know in the comments below.