Curse Of Bieber To Blame For Everton’s Poor Form?

Be afraid Evertonians.
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Be afraid Evertonians.


Curse Of Bieber To Blame For Everton’s Poor Form?

A picture of Justin Bieber wearing an Everton shirt has emerged on Twitter. Just another example of the growing popularity of the Premier League in America you might think, but scratch beneath the surface of this seemingly innocent snap and a creepier tale emerges.

In his home country, the singer has a reputation as a jinx on sports teams. When Bieber has turned up at a sporting event, the home side tends to lose. A mere coincidence or evidence of dark occult forces at work?

Not content with ruining the chances of NFL and NBA teams, the Bieber curse is now working it’s black magic on football. In the summer Bieber posted a picture of himself wearing a Spain shirt, only for the reigning holders to flop at the World Cup.

So has Bieber’s decision to don the Everton colours cursed the team? It would certainly take the heat off Roberto Martinez if he could prove that this was the case.


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