Does This Tweet Confirm Man Utd Will Sign Depay?

It's all going off on social media.
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It's all going off on social media.


There's nothing like a bit of social media action to get the rumour mill going.

Manchester United target Memphis Depay, as well as having the coolest name in football, got busy on his Twitter this week and favourited a tweet from a PSV fan group which has got the Red half of Manchester frothing at the gills.


The tweet roughly translates as 'Man Utd have a lot of money to pay for Depay', but eagle eyed Reddit user UKgamer125 spotted that Depay himself had favourited it.

Is this a knowing little signal of things to come? A Depay, Rooney and Nani three pronged attack sounds tempting doesn't it United fans? As insignificant as it may seem, little social media nuances like this have gone on to blossom into transfers in the past. For now all we can do is wait.

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