Dutch Journalist's Advice To English Counterparts On LvG Proves Incredibly Accurate

This guy knows his stuff...
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This guy knows his stuff...

When Louis van Gaal first arrived as Manchester United boss, there was a media storm surrounding his appointment, his past and what to expect from the Dutchman. Every man and his dog was giving their view on what sort of man he is and how best to handle him. But it was one Dutch journalist that hit the nail on the head.

Peter Zantingh wrote a guide to interviewing LvG which included 10 simple rules. Rule number 2 is the one in question as it almost perfectly explains what happened in LvG's prickly post match interview and why.

Here's the paragraph and it's quite incredible how accurate it is...

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 16.33.36.png


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