Five Must Have Apps For Football Fans

With smartphones now an important part of the average persons day, it's essential to be able to keep up with the latest footballing news and views from around the world.
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With smartphones now an important part of the average persons day, it's essential to be able to keep up with the latest footballing news and views from around the world.


Sky Sports News

Sky Sports have regularly been praised for their ability to deliver the latest breaking news ahead of a majority of competitors, such is their stature in the world of sport. Unsurprisingly, an app was released so fans of football, tennis, golf, boxing etc. can keep up to date with the latest stories on the go.

It has proven to be an unmitigated success for Sky, with Sky Sports Mobile proving to be one of the highest downloaded apps available to iPhones and Android. Whatever time of day or the story breaking on the website, the mobile equivalent is likely to running something similar, or even one that is yet to be up and available on the main website.

Sky Sports Score Centre

Think about it - you're out and about, away from TV, and spending the day shopping with the partner or the fourth sub during a Sunday League game (yes, I've been that guy) and you're wondering how your team is performing in the three o'clock kick off.

The Score Centre allows fans to catch up on the latest scores from every game available that day, be it in England, Spain, Italy or Germany. Running similar to that of the Score Centre on the Sky Sports website, the app itself allows the user to find out the scores from the past week or any fixture over the next seven days.

ESPN Goals

Following on from Score Centre, you've read that a 30-yard screamer has been scored in any of the three o'clock kick offs and you don't want to wait until Match of the Day to view the goal that has Gary Neville enjoying another goalgasm.


The iPhone App Conspiracy

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This is where ESPN are your friend. The sporting giants' app allow the user to view any goal in the Premiership that day, minutes after the final whistle has been blown. No longer will you have to sit around and wait for the BBC's flagship footballing show or, if you're team was involved in an enthralling encounter, Sky's Game of the Day.

Kick News

This little beauty is ideal for the bloggers and transfer gossip hounds of the 21st century. Kick News is the perfect way to read the latest musings of football fans that enjoy writing about their chosen team.

The user is able to choose from six different leagues of which to view creative content or news, with the most popular or latest articles appearing predominantly on your phone. It's the perfect companion for those that desire to know the latest goings on in the world of football.


It's so obvious, but yet equally brilliant. For anyone obsessed with the beautiful game, Twitter is the place to go to read up the news and stories from the big guns in the world of football journalism.

Live blogging from matches, providing exclusive content and the ability to reach a far wider audience then Facebook, for example, the Twitterverse is welcome for any fan or writer. You will come across the odd cretinous, thundering moron like on any social networking site, but this one is one that every football supporter must have on his or her phone.