Former West Ham And Celtic Striker Reunited With Colleague He Kicked In Face

And you thought Jeremy Clarkson was bad.
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And you thought Jeremy Clarkson was bad.

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Some 17 years ago Eyal Berkovic was booted in the head by his team-mate John Hartson during a training ground row at West Ham.

At the time Berkovic said, "if my head had been a ball, it would have been in the top corner of the net." You'd understand if he was bitter about the incident, but he's been forgiving enough to have had lunch with Hartson and pose for the obligatory photo for Twitter.

That said, Berkovic doesn't look remotely as pleased to be posing with Hartson as the former Celtic striker is himself. He also looks a little more swollen around the face than in his playing days, though that could have been the lunch...


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