Funny: Picture Of Ex-Arsenal and Barcelona Man Turned Chelsea Star Fabregas In 10 Years Time

Cesc, is that you?
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Cesc, is that you?

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Funny: Picture Of Ex-Arsenal Man Turned Chelsea Star Fabregas In 10 Years Time

Cesc Fabregas was never that much of a looker, sporting a mullet at 16 years old probably wasn't a great start. But when the ex-Arsenal man moved to Chelsea from Barcelona he seemed to age about 10 years and shaved his hair off, making him look like something out of One Flew Over The Cuckoos nest.

Now someone's managed to travel into the future and take a picture of Cesc with his latest hairstyle: receding perm. This may just be a doppelgänger, but we'll run with the time travel story, because science is cool.



Cesc? Blimey.


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