Good News For Man Utd, Bad News For Arsenal Ahead Of FA Cup Clash

Old Trafford's not a happy hunting ground for Arsene.
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Old Trafford's not a happy hunting ground for Arsene.

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Arsenal fans with decent memories would not have been in the least bit happy when their side were draw to play away against Manchester United in the FA Cup quarter-finals.

The Gunners have a dreadful record at Old Trafford stretching back over the last decade. In 14 matches in all competitions, Arsenal have only beaten United once.

What's more, they have only managed a solitary draw, with the home side winning the remaining 12. The record books provide more bad news for Arsenal fans, as they've only managed to score on a mere five occasions.

The one time that they managed to score more than one goal came in the infamous 8-2 defeat in 2011. If Arsenal supporters are looking for a ray of hope, the best we can offer is the fact that the Gunners have yet to play Louis van Gaal's stuttering side at Old Trafford. Perhaps against a new manager, they can buck the trends of a decade.



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