Hibernian Pre-Season: Fenlon is a Nice Bloke But His Tactics Are All Wrong

With Rangers in the third tier and Edinburgh rivals Hearts in dire trouble, Hibs should be pushing for 2nd place in the SPL; but this Hibs fan predicts disappointment ahead.
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With Rangers in the third tier and Edinburgh rivals Hearts in dire trouble, Hibs should be pushing for 2nd place in the SPL; but this Hibs fan predicts disappointment ahead.


Pre season: Good, bad or ugly? Beaten 9-0 on aggregate by Malmo in the Europa League. That’s pretty bad but Swedish girls are far from ugly.

Hopes for the season: One city, one team. A rejuvenated Hibs to finish in the top 4.

Fears for the season: As Millwall fans would say ‘we fear no foe’. Hibs have been mostly rubbish for as long as I’ve supported them so no fears on that front. Hearts are starting the season –15 points and will probably be liquidated at some point before the season ends so there won’t be any relegation worries.

Absolute bare minimum you’ll accept: Top 6 finish but, right now, even that doesn’t look likely. With the Rangers floundering in League 1 and Hearts on the brink of liquidation, Hibs should be seriously challenging for 2nd.

Fixture you’re most looking forward to?It should be Hearts v Hibs on August 10th, which could well be the last ever derby. However, the way Hibs have been playing doesn't fill me with optimism.

Got the right manager? It doesn't seem so. He’s a nice bloke and he’s said a lot of the right things but the tactics seem misplaced at times.

By Christmas you’ll be…The only top tier team in Edinburgh.

Player you’d most like to sign?Everyone was hoping Hibs might be able to sign Leigh Griffiths from Wolves but that won’t happen now. Hibs had him on loan last season and he scored 28 goals. Wolves have him back now and he’ll start banging goals in for them.The players that Hibs can afford are rarely well known by most football fans I’m afraid. The abysmal domestic TV money sees to that.

Which player should we look out for? New striker James Collins, signed from Swindon. He looked promising in the Motherwell league opener but didn’t get the service. Hopefully that will change and we’ll see the best of him soon.

Which player would you love to ditch?Gary McKay that used to play for Hearts. I’d like him to be in a ditch.

Opposition hate figure? See above.

Tell us something we don’t know about your club?Hibs were the first British club to play in the European Cup.

What won’t happen this season?Hibs won’t win the Scottish Cup, again.

Favourite chant? We’re from the Capital, you’re from a nice place. Sung to Malmo fans at Malmo away. It’s usually we’re from the Capital, you’re from a shite-hole, when playing other Scottish teams.

Where will you finish? 5th perhaps? Celtic, Aberdeen, St. Johnstone and Inverness might all finish above us.

Any other news?Hibs legend Lawrie Reilly sadly recently passed away. One of the Famous Five, one of Britain’s most successful and swashbuckling forward lines, Lawrie was a one club man who famously said ‘I was born a Hibby and I’ll die a Hibby’. I once read an old newspaper from 1952 when the Famous Five were at their peak and a letter writer was proposing that the only way Hibs could get competition would be by moving to the English top tier. That’s how good Hibs were back then. Changed days.


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