If Arsenal Let Fabregas Join United We May As Well Support Spurs

Imagine how good he'd make United, just imagine it. For that reason alone Wenger has to sign him back if he's available...
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Imagine how good he'd make United, just imagine it. For that reason alone Wenger has to sign him back if he's available...


If Arsenal Let Fabregas Join Manchester United We May As Well Support Spurs...

In 1990 when Arsenal signed David Seaman from Queens Park Rangers for £1.3million, some people were surprised that George Graham would go in for a goalkeeper when the number 1 was the highly rated fans favourite John Lukic. By way of explanation, Graham had this to say: “I still think John Lukic is one of the top 10 goalkeepers in the country...I just think David Seaman is the best.” The rest, as they say, is history, and it’s that kind of thinking that Arsene Wenger should be employing now as Cesc Fabregas dangles so tantalizingly in front of him.

I’ll be honest: when Cesc left I never considered the possibility he’d come back. Barcelona was, maybe is, the club he’s born for. He was coming into the peak of his career, they were firmly in the richest period of their history, it was written in the stars. I haven’t met the Arsenal fan who begrudges him for leaving, and I’m sure if he were to line up at the Emirates in a Barcelona shirt he’d get a far warmer reception than Robin Van Persie got this year.

For whatever reasons though things haven’t gone exactly to plan for Cesc, and if rumours are to be believed he has his eyes on these fair shores, with David Moyes keen to make him his first marquee signing at Old Trafford – not a bad way to endear yourself to a new set of supporters. However, thanks to some shrewd transfer negotiations Arsenal are in a fairly good position – not only do they have first refusal on their former captain, they’ll also receive half of whatever transfer fee Barcelona accept from another club, meaning Barca are unlikely to ship off Cesc on the cheap to a club other than the Gunners.

So, with all that in mind, it seems for all the world that the possibility of Cesc resigning is very real, and if it is, then we should absolutely, without any hesitation, get him. There’ve been reports in the paper that Wenger has a dilemma in that he already has four “creative” midfield players, in Wilshere, Arteta, Cazorla and Ramsey, and that because of this he may not choose to bring Cesc in. Let me put it bluntly: Cesc Fabregas is a far, far, better player than Wilshere, Arteta, Cazorla and Ramsey. If those four are Lukic, Cesc is Seaman, and that’s the bottom line. Also, Cesc is a better player than when he left us a couple of years ago. He’s matured, he’s added more goals to his game and he’s just spent two years training with Lionel Messi – if that’s not going to give you some pointers, then nothing will.


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Also, imagine if we did take a pass, and he did end up joining Manchester United. Do you know how brilliant he’d be? He’s literally the exact player they need right now – with Scholes retiring he’d go absolutely mental in their midfield, linking up with Van Persie for fun. Imagine if that happened, and our excuse was “Oh, well, y’know, we didn’t want to sign Cesc Fabregas because we have Aaron Ramsey” – what chumps we’d look like, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

It’s a weird time to be an Arsenal fan right now, a real make or break moment. The greatest manager in our history hasn’t won anything in 7 years. In the last three summers we’ve had to see our best players fly the nest. We’re told we have money to spend, but we look around to see other clubs breaking the bank to deliver the goods, and we’re stuck celebrating fourth place like it’s a trophy. Not only would Cesc placate impatient fans, he would be a genuinely world class signing, and that’s one thing we lack. Who cares if we already have creative midfielders? Fabregas would improve our team immeasurably, and if that means that someone has to sit on the bench, or be sold, then so be it – there’s no room for sentiment when we’re struggling to get into the Champion’s League season after season and our closest rivals are nipping at our heels. We need to make our team better, and Cesc would make our team better, simple as that. You thought people got angry when Van Persie went to Manchester United? If Cesc goes there’ll be a f*****g mutiny.