Inside The Mind Of Former Spurs And Man Utd Star Garth Crooks

They'll kill you.
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They'll kill you.

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It’s Garth Crooks’ 57th birthday today and we’re celebrating by revealing ten things you didn’t know about the slightly strange pundit.

10. He’s an expert on American gangland culture.

9. Gaby Logan has got his number

8. He’s not afraid to admit he doesn’t know something

7. Garth can barely conceal his disdain for Robbie Savage

6. He once presented Top of the Pops

5. Garth invented the 4-2-1-3-1 formation

4. He didn’t take any s**t as a player

3. On one occasion on Football Focus he suddenly remembered that he’d left the gas on

2. He’s not afraid of using a metaphor

1. Garth once met Mr Blobby


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