Jesús Navas: Spanish Expert On Manchester City's £25 Million Winger

One of the best players in La Liga recently suggested that his future might lie outside Spain and the Etihad looks his likely destination...
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One of the best players in La Liga recently suggested that his future might lie outside Spain and the Etihad looks his likely destination...


What can be said about Jesús Navas that hasn’t been said before? The Sevilla player said to be en route to Manchester City is one of La Liga’s most entertaining players and many believed that he would see out his days at the club. He has been scouted by many clubs and has been linked to clubs in England, Italy and Germany but there has always been a ‘but’ when it comes to Jesús Navas: His homesickness and anxiety issues. If reports are to be believed, these problems are no longer an issue and some are suggesting that he has agreed to move to England.

Arsenal wanted to sign the 27 year old when they signed José Antonio Reyes but the player was hesitant. They tried a few more times but eventually had to give up. He stayed and made his way into the Sevilla first team but when it came to playing outside Sevilla, the midfielder had panic attacks and seizures. Even when he played in away La Liga games he became nervous. He refused to go to European games and rejected call-ups to the National team. Every now and then English newspapers would run with stories linking him to Premier League clubs, most often than not it was Arsenal, and those in Spain just laughed at the ignorance of the stories. When Sevilla went to the United States a few seasons ago, he decided to start treatment to rid himself of his condition and in the end he joined up with his team-mates and hasn’t looked back since.

Vicente Del Bosque wanted Navas in his side but some felt the World Cup in South Africa was too much and that his inclusion could end up being a liability. Del Bosque would not be deterred and he included the player and he played a major part in Spain’s win, playing in the final as a sub. It was a sign that he was overcoming his homesickness but still some weren’t convinced. Playing a few weeks away was one thing, moving to another country was another. Yet, the rumours continued. Talk of a move to Real Madrid was played down and he admitted that he would be content to see out his days at his home club.

Last season he was strongly linked again to Arsenal but nobody in Spain took it serious. Now it seems that Manchester City have moved ahead and are preparing a bid. In April, the winger spoke to Estadio Deportivo and he admitted that he was open to moving abroad. Navas admitted that he had been working very hard to overcome his anxiety and that he felt that he could now move abroad. Still some feel he has all the hallmarks of being a Jose Antonio Reyes Part 2! With that in mind why are so many clubs willing to take a risk on him?


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The answer is very simple: Navas is brilliant. Operating mainly as a right-winger, some feel that he could also operate in a central role, although that hasn’t really been tried and if it was it would mean that you would be denying him one of his main strengths, which is running down the wing at great speeds. He is very fast and loves running at defenders and it’s a specialist at giving them the slip. He is great at crossing a ball and Alvaro Negredo has benefited a number of times from this. He is full of little twists and turns and his decision-making has improved over the years. He can turn a game on its head with a little piece of magic. He is not afraid to shoot neither but it is there that we see one of his weaknesses. His goal scoring record is poor and it is something that needs working on but should City or Arsenal sign him they are looking at him more for assists than anything else.

According to some reports on Spanish radio, Navas has signed for Machester City. According to one report, the club are planning on selling Negredo and Navas so they can rebuild their squad after a disappointing season. Some still don’t believe it though but time will tell. Should he come to England, it is another major coup for the Premier League